Wii Has the Best Exclusives

Carl B. of iNintendo.net writes, "This generation has seen fantastic multi-platform releases, more than any other set of consoles in the past. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, and Call of Duty have dominated the multi-platform space on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Nintendo's Wii has been left out in the dark due to hardware restrictions; however, it has the best exclusive titles compared to the other two systems."

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Danteh4757d ago

ummm no way, I like Nintendo but the PS3 for example has vastly superior exclusives, starting with one of the best games ever made, MGS4, and of course Uncharted 2, GOW III, Killzone, LPB and many others

Nintendo is getting better with the N3DS and (hopefully) the Wii U, but let's face it, THE WII SUCKS!!

Arnon4757d ago

Isn't this all somewhat... subjective?

thugbob4757d ago

Nintendo milks titles instead of making new ones.

The Wii might have more exclusives, but I think the PS3's best beat the Wii's best.

MaxXAttaxX4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

(minus Goldeneye)
I haven't had anything else to buy on the Wii since....

I don't get what's there to disagree with? lol
Some people, I tell ya.

jeseth4757d ago

At the heart of each franchise, I love Nintendo and its exclusives.

Mario, Zelda, Metroid .... I grew up playing them, on NES. Not some kid born in the 90's claiming to have been brought up on Mario because in the 90's Mario got his A$$ whooped by Sonic, Sega, and PSone. Super Mario 3 is by far one of the greatest games ever made. Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Kid Icarus, Double Dragon, Rygar, Mega Man, Rad Racer, etc. etc.

HOWEVER. Nintendo has done a Pi%% Poor job of continuing all of their incredible franchises and instead just milk the bejesus out of Mario and Link. How many Mario games are there? Probably over 100 by now. I think of Mario now more as a spokesperson for Nintendo, an icon if you will, than a video game character. The horse is dead and it was played out a long time ago. Same with link. He used to be a little underdog against insane odds in a world that was about to consume him, now he looks like an anorexic, super model, anime, elf. Sad really.

Nintendo HAD great exclusives. They have destroyed their greatness by oversaturating the market with constant iterations of Mario and Link.

Playstation, has by far surpassed Nintendo in quality of exclusive games. During the early years of Xbox I also thought they had amazing exclusives but they have either lost the exclusivity or ruined them (Fable3). Sony and the Playstation brand have amazing, diverse, and engaging exclusive games that have defined 3 generations of games.

stragomccloud4757d ago

People always accuse a company of milking a successful franchise if it's been around a long time.

DaTruth4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

People always accuse fish of swimming in the ocean when they're in the ocean... swimming!

jeseth4757d ago

Since his inception, Mario has appeared in over 200 games! How's that for milking it?!

Nuff said.

rjdofu4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Wii exclusives are nice and all. Too bad I dont like mushroom or rescueing princess lol.

SilentNegotiator4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

No one cares if Galaxy was the highest rated exclusive; Mario is fairly bullet-proof, so long as the game is decent (In his main installments). Just like many Nintendo exclusives.

Playstation 3 EASILY has the best exclusives, both in quality and quantity.

zootang4756d ago

For 13 years olds, yeah.

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kikizoo4757d ago

Just check metacritic, nintendo (wii) is perhaps even behind microsoft for quality and quantity (and you have to count that you can't compare score for wii and next gens : an 8 for ps3 is a 15 for wii)....ds has a great amount of exclusives, but it's a ds.

omi25p4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

isnt it all a matter of opinion...

tplarkin74757d ago

Nintendo's big titles haven't changed in 20 years. The tech has changed, but they are the same characters rehashed ad infinitum.

mastiffchild4756d ago

Smg2 is just the same game with tiny additions as SMG was and even then SMG's most lauded feature(the planetoid gameplay) was a Ratchet and Clank invention in the PS2 days FFS!). I LOVED SMG1 and 2 but they're too similar to be praised(well 2 anyway) as both being amazing and innovative. I remember when TOD came out it was criticised for "too much variety"-is that why the second Galaxy gets so much praise for being SMG1.1?

DKCR-I can dig as a good, good and hardcore exclusive and the same goes for the other Retro Games entry-MP3-both great exclusives but not really better than ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on 360 or PS3 are they?

Other M, though, is , at best, divisive and at worst a game which over half of the world's Metroid fans don;'t even like let alone love or hold up as a GREAT exclusive. For many it destroyed the way Samus is seen(makes the subsequent games seem impossible for such a pussy woman)and the forced use of just a Wiimote makes the gameplay awkward via a non in game source which is both chea and not needed. NT were just the wrong peole to be controlling the franchise-I know they didn't WRITE the storey but to say they have no impact is naive when games are collaberative and working with misogynists was always likely to result in a weak Samus with, in this case, terrible daddy issues. A little weakness, sure, but not the crippling mess we got in this game. Not to mention the "well the manga has THIS Samus" argument to which I say the Halo novels don't always reflect exact game canon and that's cos in game canon doesn't need looutside canon whatever we say is the right one as what works in game might not be as good in other media. for Metroid GAMES this Samus sucked.I've loved Metroid since the first game and have done through every game since(even effin Spinball!)but had I ever seen the manga with THAT Sa,mus I'd already have said she could NEVER appear in game like that or the whole series would be made unbelievable.Anyway, devisive as a lot of metroid fans seem to think manga Samus is THE Samus even though it makes the in game antics of our heroine seemingly impossible.

Anyhoo, there ARE good ninty exclusivs but we can't say they're better than another consoles when there's often nothing actually new in terms of IP and other platforms make much braver and more fresh software by and large. I LOVE ninty and their old franchises but since the last real, main line franchise they launched was effin Pikmin who's to say they're the best?

LarsoVanguard4756d ago


The planetoid gameplay was done before Ratchet and Clank. The first game to do this was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in the bonus levels. I don't disagree with what you're saying, but most of it is obviously derived from stuff you've read online, and not your own experience.

And come on man, watch your spelling while you ramble your angry fingers across the keys.

handheldwars24757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
3. New Super Mario Bros
3. Legend of Zelda: TP
4. Legend of Zelda: SS
5. Metroid Prime Trilogy
6. Metroid Other M
7. Donkey Kong Country Returns
8. Kirby's Epic Yarn
9. Kirby Wii
10. Mario Kart
11. Super Smash Bros Brawl
12. Super Paper Mario
13. Mario Strikers Charged
14. Sin & Punishment 2
15. Xenoblade
16. The Last Story
17. Pandora's Tower
18. Punch-Out!!
19. Warioware Smooth Moves
20. Wario Land: Shake It!
21. Rhythm Heaven
22. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
23. Okami
24. Monster Hunter Tri
25. Dragon Quest X
26. Muramasa: The Demon Blade
27. Madworld
28. Sonic Colors
29. Little King's Story
30. Zack & Wiki
31. Tatsunoko vs Capcom
32. Red Steel 2
33. No More Heroes
34. No More Heroes 2
35. GoldenEye 007
36. Dead Space Extraction
37. Epic Mickey
38. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
39. Trauma Centre: Second Opinion
40. Trauma Team
41. Boom Blox
42. Boom Blox: Bash Party
43. Geometry Wars Galaxies
44. A Boy and His Blob
45. House of the Dead: Overkill

Did I forget Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort? These are just the RETAIL exclusives that hardcore-softcore gamers would like: Don't even want to start on the list of games that casual players enjoy(Wii Playz and da Wii Fitz). I didn't list any Wiiware or VC games either which are also exclusive to Wii this generation...

So ya, Wii has the best exclusives this generation.

ipe4756d ago

Out of those already on market meta scores

- over 90% ( 5 games)
- over 80% ( 21 games)
- over 70% ( 6 games)
Lets not forget lower stadnards 4 wii, most of these games d score much lower on other platforms.
Also re4, okami, no more heroes, dead space, shatered memories are not exlusives. And others needs to come out.

And if u ask why this, well ps3 beats it in every category ( 90%/10,80%/22,70%/11)

RoboSpiff4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

No more heroes is going to ps3