Will Uncharted 3 Be The 3D Game We've Been Waiting For?

PSX Extreme - 3D is a new technology for video games and quite a few already support the "extra dimension."

However, unlike high resolution, which is quite simply a boon for the entire industry and video viewing in general, there are many who have questioned the effectiveness of 3D. Certain titles seem to tackle the tech better than others and while such games are indeed mesmerizing, it seems most gamers don't consider 3D to be an essential option.

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NukaCola2665d ago

There are plenty of 3D games worth having. I don't see how this is "The One". Killzone 3, MotorStorm Rift3D, Apocolypse, SSDHD looks awesome in 3D.

Joni-Ice2665d ago

I am a fan of 3D but KZ3 looks bad in 3D. MS Rift and Apoc, SSDHD do looks great. By the way the UC3 beta is in 3D. That looks awesome too.

Ron_Danger2664d ago

The U3 beta is awesome in 3D... The depth of field is crazy when you're looking across the airport map... And looking at your treasures is really impressive in 3D...

I found that the only really cool 3D effect in SSHD is when you die... The Fight is pretty good in 3D... It deffinately helps judge where your opponent is.. KZ3 and Crysis 2 aren't anything special but KZ3 in 3D with the Sharpshooter is a lot of fun...

I've found that most people who think 3D is just a gimmick gave only seen movies in 3D... Games are so much better in 3D... It's hard to explain if you haven't played a game in 3D... In movies is seems like everything is on a different plane (like a dinorama) but with games is seamless...

militant072664d ago

I got the new samsung 3DTV, but I hated uncharted 3 3D just like killzones, the resultion become tooooooo low!!

this generation isn't so ready for it.

GrandTheftZamboni2664d ago

I guess it also depends on the TV itself. I've seen quite a few complaints how Enslaved in 3D looks worse than in 2D. In my case Enslaved looked lot better in 3D. I've got Sony Bravia XBR 40".