IGN - Uncharted 3 Beta's Level Cap, Surprises

IGN - The multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has been getting its tires kicked for the past week by PlayStation Plus members and folks who cashed in their Infamous 2 codes. However, Tuesday, everyone can grab the download from the PlayStation Store.

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BakedGoods2716d ago

This has got to be one of the smoothest beta's I've played. Nice work Naughty Dog; other developers take note.

-Alpha2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

It sure as hell isn't smooth. Just today did the hard reset issue get fixed for me (PS3 always resets after I quit)

It's got a lot of bugs too, UC2 was a lot smoother I remember. But the build is very old and, as ND stresses, is a beta, not a demo.

Regardless, I've been playing 4+ hours. So much so that the game is seeping into my dreams. I'm around level 30. I can't help myself and now team objectives has gotten me hooked even deeper.

It's incredibly great, such a great job and they are so keen on feedback. I have very minor gripes with it, but am so impressed with what they did.

Miiikeyyy2716d ago

How are u around level 30 when you've only played for about 4 hours?

-Alpha2716d ago

4+ hours a day I mean, since the launch. I'm crazy addicted

jdfoster002716d ago

Yeah, agreed. Though this is still early build and is a beta to fix those problems and as stated in the interview itself they want us on the forums! They want to hear our opinions and what we find, bugs etc! Also can't wait for the new objectives and the new map, Yemen that we will be able to play in a few days. (only gameplay I can find of the Yemen map is this Looks great! Can't wait to play on it!)

younglj012716d ago

lol wtf i been playing since it was released and i just hit lvl 30 how u get there so freaking fast?

KingDustero2716d ago


If it makes you feel any better I'm level 38, almost 39. I've played since around seven the night the beta came out. I usually go on really long runs though almost every day.

I'm also pretty good though. I usually get between a four and six k/d every game.

badz1492715d ago

I only played team deathmatch though and still at level 7 but I think I had enough with the 2 maps available. I would love to play some co-op but never got into any game yet. maybe I didn't wait long enough but I have other games to play too, like Infamous 2 for instance. I'll definitely hop in again before the beta ends and hopefully can get into co-op games!

UltimateIdiot9112715d ago

I think it depends on your performances and what mode you play. Some modes are easier to rack up kills and points. I do better in Hardcore than in Team Deathmatch. But I rank up way faster in Survival.

MaxXAttaxX2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Look it up.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

More improvements in the way!

This is how the Devs should take care a Beta, listening the feedback from the community.

''how many people have played so far?

Robert Cogburn: In the last week alone, since beta launch, we have had more than 600,000 unique people play the game''.

OMG, and the beta still not public, until tomorrow.

Redempteur2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

^^^100% this ...

cannot wait for co-op adventure .. but high five with someone i didn't know 5 min earlier is really cool .. it's like a BRO FIST ..but now it give you money , medals et depending on the setup even anmo ..

Definitly something that make people play together ...

Axecution2715d ago

It technically IS public, basically, since everyone that had a PS3 before last month gets into the beta for free with their free Plus account. x.x lol just saying.

despair2716d ago

what really surprised me is that after 2 1/2 days there were level 31 people...I mean how much can you play in that short a time.

CrimsonSquall2716d ago

It's not hard to level in this game, plus it's really fun.

BiggCMan2716d ago

Yea it is fairly quick to level up, especially in the co op mode. I ran in to an interesting glitch though a few days ago. I was only like rank 10 or 11 at the time, and when I checked my customization page, I had everything unlocked already without paying for them, or without earning the required rank. So I have had access to every booster, kickback, and weapon in nearly the entire beta so far. Hopefully they can fix that.

-Alpha2716d ago

Yo that's me! Level 30.

Not ashamed either, I had the long weekend hehe

PixlSheX2716d ago

Yeah i had a long weekend too. Level 33 by now. And waiting for the new game modes.

despair2716d ago

I know its not hard,I mean I reached level 10 in a relatively short time, but still it gets progressively harder with each level and yet 2 days people did it. Guess its just that I can't play MP games for extended periods of time. SP games though, that's another story..

Pintheshadows2716d ago

I do that. I'll play for a bit then come back a few days later. Whereas with SP I just can't stop.


In Coop mode you get more money.

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WANNAGETHIGH2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I dont know about u guys but i still cant get into a game..It just says finding player but no player ever comes in.....I dont know y :(

Pls help me.

Pintheshadows2716d ago

It can take a while. Be patient and watch Uncharted TV while you wait.

MidnytRain2715d ago

...And check out the Best Plays of the Week. There's some crazy stuff in there. Hint: Tripled Headshots

kza2716d ago

Im only level 14, love the beta but iv been playing other games aswell, it feels Weired not to be the highest rank for once lol. Cant wait for the full game though.

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