House - Welcome Back just 'very early steps on a long road' to 'restore faith' in Sony

SystemLink: "Better late than never. OPM have a belated yet insightful E3 interview with Andrew House, Sony Europe boss, on the PSN being down. Remember that? You got two free games out of it. Good times."

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2665d ago
thedriffter502665d ago

Bring back PS2 backwards compatibility and all will be forgiven.

newn4gguy2665d ago

As great as that would be...

The media will have a field day with "Too little, Too late" reports.

MGRogue20172665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Ah. Interesting.. So, We can expect to receive even more free content further on down the road? :)

plmkoh2665d ago

Rumour has it that we will get to use PSN for free for many years to come.

TBM2665d ago

Unlike most people I didn't panic or blow a complete gasket when it went down. I sure as hell didn't panic when they said info might have got out as I have card protection for my plastic.

I think majority of the people blew it way out of proportion.

nycredude2665d ago

As long as the exclusives keep coming faith will always be there for Sony. As a gamer all I care about is the games, everything else is just gravy.

newn4gguy2665d ago

I could really go for some gravy right now...

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