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GameDynamo - "Mass Effect 3 concludes the epic trilogy with the planetwide attack of Earth by the diabolically established Reapers who seek to destroy all life in the universe. "

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femshep2661d ago

they added multiplayer, a sword, and took out all rpg elements of it......i think that bioware has shown they don't care about the fanbase anymore
rip mass effect rip...

moaradin2661d ago

Uh actually, they ADDED more RPG elements. It probably has the same, or more RPG elements than Mass Effect 1. You can watch the E3 videos where they showed the talent trees, which were deeper than anything in ME1 or ME2.

As for multiplayer, nothing is confirmed that is all speculation. And uh.. the sword opens up for CHOICE in combat, which does nothing but makes the game better.

NYC_Gamer2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


i watched the E3 video and that shit reminded me of gears of war.....its way more action based than rpg and i'm not buying that crap.

Blacktric2661d ago

You said it yourself. You've watched the E3 demo. A 10 minute demo which's point was to show big set pieces like that scene where the walkway Shepard and Anderson stood destroyed by a shockwave created by a Reaper far away. They weren't going to show people how they added more RPG elements by demonstrating point spending to the attributes or inventory system. They already gave their word several times that they'll add more RPG elements including the classic ones like inventory and looting. You don't have to call something that you haven't fully seen a "crap".

NeoTribe2661d ago

I thought i heard it was suppost to go back to its roots of rpg elements. If wut u say is right about them takin rpg elements out than this will bomb. I was very unimpressed with ME2 and DA2. DA2 was a chore to beat., as ME2 i couldnt even stay interested long enough to beat it through. Ended up tradin it in.

femshep2661d ago

yeah but at e3 they said they wanted it to be more of an action movie to conclude the game

Blacktric2661d ago

Do NOT compare Mass Effect 2 to Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age: Origins was a classic RPG game and Mass Effect was an action/RPG hybrid. Both were very successful games, yet for some reason, Bioware turned Dragon Age 2 into an action oriented game like Mass Effect eventhough they already had a successful action/RPG franchise like ME. Jesus Christ I seriously don't understand why this Bioware hate in N4G users are coming from. You're throwing sh*t at a game that you haven't seen. Mass Effect 2 was an amazing game and did most of the things right than wrong. If you didn't like it, fine. But don't try to make it look like it's overrated.