Cross Console Multiplayer, Do We Want it For The PS4 and Xbox 720

In Most FPS (First Person Shooters) their is some type of conflict in which one country is at war with another. The gaming community is no different. Usually it's PS3 gamers in a war of words with Xbox 360 gamers. Yes it's mostly fanboyism however, it would be awesome to put those words to actions (online gaming wise).

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Emilio_Estevez3374d ago

Won't happen. MS wouldn't allow a non-paying service such as PSN link up with theirs. It would be only natural for people paying to ask themselves why they are paying.

xxLuckyStrike3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Then give PSN+ subscribers the option

thugbob3374d ago

This is a good idea. I would buy PS+ for it.

Joule3374d ago

"Cross Console Multiplayer, Do We Want it For The PS4 and Xbox 720"

Hell yeah we do, I want to beat all the xbot n00bs.

news4geeks3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Don't worry, it's almost a given that sony are going to charge for PSN next gen with a service that will be at least on par with live.

Microsoft have proven that people will pay for something even when you get the same service and features elsewhere(Steam/PSN) for free. There will be several tiers of membership much like live but to play online you'll need to pay at least for the basic membership.

I'll stick with steam thanks.

HappyTrigger3374d ago

"Cross Console Multiplayer, Do We Want it For The PS4 and Xbox 720"

Hell yeah we do, I want to beat all the sony droid n00bs.

mastiffchild3374d ago

Well,the "noobs" on both consoles would get pwned so lets not kid ourselves(esp as most of the better gamers have both and a PC anyway) that any one platform has a monopoly on skills. ?silly thing to say-though because Xbox is built on Halo fans you might expect more good shooter players on Live purely because of that but then with MP puzzlers etc maybe Sony would have an edge? Either way, there's shit and good gamers on both and we know it well.

Also, Sony introduce a pay to pl;ay online service that I WON'T be playing console games online ever again-unless Nintendo sort it out properly. Why wouldn't we all go back to PC, Steam and a great free service superior to Live anyway? MS, also, knee they needed good reasons to keep people paying for Live and with Gears and Halo being their biggest exclusives is it any wonder they're VERY MP orientated? Sony don't have that exclusive MP must play as a result of their reluctance to be in a position where they rely a little more on one or two franchises staying big. They, in short,can't risk a p[aid for PSN yet.

Seriously, Sony need a free PSN to tempt us in with PS3/4 and Vita so no paid for service and if they do it's suicide imho. They just haven't got a shooter exclusive to them that tens of millions wish to play so badly they can get away with the con MS do-Halo is a uniquely powerful tool that MS abuse(I fell for it myself for a while but my moral stance no longer allows it-it's a rip off no matter what they say)us with-we should all, regardless of platform loyalty, stand up to MS and tell them we pay enougbh for our ISP and send plenty on Halo games and merch as it is-do the decent thing, add dedicated servers and drop the Live fee and if they're keeping it just to get map packs before PSN(and they'd get them jst as early(just at the same time) without the deal and Acti want the money!!).It's all to get us paying for Live but truth uis we'd get just as much and get it free if we all stood up and said enough's enough and if ?sony go the dirty route too I'llbe first o moan at them too. We already pay a lot for online everything and they don;'t merit a penny more freom us over and above the tons we already spend. Sodlive and PSNsubs,seriously, it's shit.

When I see people defending Live gold subscriptions my heart sinks and I think it's almost lie turkeys asking for Xmas to come four times a year, JESUS it annoy me these days and moreso cos i'm guilty of two years fees myself like a massive tool.

Why,when we buy the MP portion on the disk would companies then think we should pay again for that component? It's just wrong and no other group of consumers is so downtrodden they'd ut up with it.It also creates a lot of bad feeling which translates into piracy-I know a lot of people willing to chip/mod 360s because they feel MS cons the average gamer anyway.Just hope we all manage to stand up and be counted on this blatant piece of rip offery, tell them we had it up to here and that they can stick it-we're going where it's free-PC or even Wii and handhelds FFS.

Washington-Capitals3373d ago

When someone like El Jugador can post a comment like that and get overwhelming agrees, just proves how this site is run by ps3 extremists. Its too funny.

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LOGICWINS3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

@Dr- Unless XBL Gold becomes free with the next Xbox. Considering the PS3 is outselling the 360 right now, M$ might need to find a way to catch up...unless all they care about America.

Jocosta3373d ago

Part of your comment is wrong, guess which part?

MysticStrummer3373d ago

@Jocosta - The part about XBL Gold being free. That will never happen.

TheKayle3373d ago

outselling 5 years still behind ...math is not an opinion Logicwins

2fk3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

agreed it wont happen...its sony vs. microsoft they wont work together =/; but it would be awesome if they did cross console multiplayer

slavish33374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

it would be great for games to have a bigger community

Nate-Dog3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

I agree although to be honest I don't see PSN being free on the next console. (Yeah I know I'll get a million disagrees because people don't want it to happen but I don't think it will, Sony could make a lot of money with it and who knows, maybe they're waiting until then to give us proper upgrades such well a more reliable network and things like cross-game chat. I'd say Sony would be shooting themselves in the foot for promising PSN would always be free on PS3 if the PSN hack didn't happen.)

princejb1343374d ago

that would suck, if psn was to be a charged service next gen, i think this will be the end of my gaming days

slavish33374d ago

ms allowed that with shadowrun pc vs 360. sorry get your facts straight.

Pandamobile3374d ago

That's because it was a Microsoft product. Microsoft ran a lot of internal playtests between the PC and 360 platform a couple of years ago but ended up axing most of it because the guys on the 360s were just getting destroyed by even the casual PC players.

Emilio_Estevez3374d ago

I am aware of PC to console on more than just that. What the article and my comment are obviously about is PS3 and Xbox360.

EasilyTheBest3374d ago

I dont see this happening at all.
It defo wont be because of PSN being free and Live you have to pay for.
Theres absolutly NO WAY that PSN will be free the next time around.
Sony couldnt compete with Live at the start of this gen. Now they are practically equal so I cant see Sony being free again and losing out on the millions MS makes.
I know sum people seem to think that Sony loves them, but their a business just like that other company.

newleaf3374d ago

Also with Sony security, why would Microsoft want to expose themselves like that?

dragon823374d ago

You are an idiot. Go troll somewhere else.

Chaotic_Lament3374d ago


You have no valid answer to newleaf, so you resort to childish name calling. Go troll somewhere else.

gaden_malak3374d ago

It would be pretty epic to play PS v Xbox in such games.

showtimefolks3373d ago

what valve did with portal 2 ps3 multiplatform games should be able to do cross platform with ps3/pc

I am sure its possible on xbox360 but i am not sure if MS will allow that since pc is free to play

for ps4 and xbox720 i think every MP game should be on xbox 720/pc

that would be nice if we can do xbox720/ps4

a_squirrel3373d ago

Not with pc. A mouse is as effective as autoaim, plus the fact you can easily get aimbots on pc.

curtis_boy3373d ago


left WASD sucks
right analog sucks for aiming

Sayai jin3373d ago

No MS would not do it because Live is a closed network.

XRider3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

It would never work because Sony lacks the tools needed for social gaming. Text chatting just isn't going to cut it. Sony needs to catch up first when it comes to communication with other gamers.

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Pandamobile3374d ago

That would probably require collaboration between Sony and Microsoft which probably would not happen.

vickysud3374d ago

i seriously dont understand what big fuss about collaboration b/w sony n ms..REM sony uses windows in their n ms hv good relationship outside gaming world and on to topic if this to happen both the systems should have identical specifications and depending on the services provided by sony n ms if they are kind to gamers by not thinking abt themselves n greedy for money I VERY MUCH SEE THIS HAPPENING

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Kamikaze1353374d ago

It would be nice if they let us have weekly or monthly competitions between players on both consoles. I can imagine all the PS4 players getting ready to put their top players up against the Xbox 720 players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4