Magically Mundane: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Hands-On

Raza Hussain of Gamer Gaia writes: As I made my way through ‘The Streets of Hogsmeade’ several of Lord Voldemort’s minions aimed to halt my progress. I whipped out my wand and let them have it, and with ease did they come tumbling down. Spells poured over the dark and gloomy streets making thunderous sounds… followed only by silence. Then, I did it again… and again, until I finally reached my goal.

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pixboy2756d ago

The norm for movie tie-ins these days. Oh well... here's hoping the movie rocks my socks off!

DanielComfort2756d ago

Hope the other levels end up making it a much better package, overall.

jmobley2755d ago

movies looking epic, cant wait to watch people point sticks at each other

honestpizza2755d ago

I really feel like I missed something with this whole Harry Potter thing. Hopefully it isn't too late to jump on.

ares21al2755d ago

I think this title will be interesting but it is a movie game those are rarely worth the time to play.

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