Star Wars Battlefront 3: What Went Wrong?

TheCrapgamer over at GxC writes:
It seems as though with every E3 that comes and goes I get my hopes up less and less for a reveal of Star Wars Battlefront 3. In all honesty I had very little hope this past E3. Last E3 was a different story however, there were numerous signs pointing to a possible Battlefront 3 reveal that year. Not the least of which was actual Star Wars Battlefront 3 servers that were spotted. We’ve seen signs of the game from the servers being online, to a retailer accidentally posting the game for sale, to actually seeing footage from the game itself.

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Emilio_Estevez4735d ago

Give me Battlefront 3 or give me death!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx4735d ago

Doubt this game will ever come. I was a big fan of both battlefronts and it was defiantly my favorite shooter due to the large battles and fun domination game mode. Even though i use to play with bots in the old days it was still a hell of a time.

JBaby3434734d ago

I'm also very worried that Battlefront 3 will never come. I would at least like an HD remake of Battlefield 1 & 2. I put in so much time with those games especially Battlefield 2. The levels were so good. I loved using Jedi and Sith for the battles. Please at least give us HD remakes.

SilentNegotiator4734d ago

Several Star Wars games would litter my list of favorite 6th gen games. It's a shame to see some many of those excellent games go to the dogs.

KOTOR......POW in the MMO camp.
Republic Commando....KIA.

MintBerryCrunch4734d ago


you talking about Battelfront or Battlefield, those are 2 very different BF's we are talking about bud O.O

JBaby3434734d ago

My bad MintBerryCrunch. I meant Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2. I got it right the first time. Sorry for the confusion.

ZombieNinjaPanda4734d ago

Lucas Arts are one of the dumbest developers/publishers this generation.

They're sitting on a cash cow, but they refuse to make anything that isn't trash. Such a shame.

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ATiElite4734d ago

Yeh i really enjoy the Battlefront series. enjoy that as much as Lego Star wars.

I'm sure they ditched BF3 for a COD clone but hopefully Devs realize by now that good quality beats out clones so on that note....

it's time for Battlefront 3....right after Battlefield 3 dies down cause you got NO CHANCE once that monster hits.

mynameisEvil4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

"Battlefront 3 or death?!"
Man 1: I'll take Battlefront 3, please.

"Very well. Give him Battlefront 3!"

Man 1: Thank you. It's very nice!

*Turns to new person*
"YOU! Battlefront 3 or death?!"

Man 2: I'll have Battlefront 3 as well, please.

"Very well! Give him Battlefront 3, too! We're going to run out of supply at this rate."
*Turns to new person*
"You! Battlefront 3 or death?!"

Man 3: Death. Oh, I meant Battlefront 3!

"You said death first! Nononono!"

Man 3: But I meant Battlefront 3! I meant Battlefront 3!"

"Fine... give him Battlefront 3. You're lucky I'm the publisher."
*Turns to new person*
"You! Battlefront 3 or death?"

Man 4: I'll take Battlefront 3, please.

"Well, we're out of Battlefront 3! We only had 3 games and we didn't expect such a rush!"

Man 4: What, so my only choices are 'Or death'? Then, I'll take Battlefield 3."

mynameisEvil4734d ago

I... I don't get how people could disagree with that.

It wasn't even an opinion. It was a joke. A funny one, I might add.

tunaks14734d ago

"Star Wars Battlefront 3: What Went Wrong?"
it never came out, thats whats wrong!

femshep4734d ago

ahhhh beat me too it

and its weird why it hasn't come out because SWBF2 was being played online till xbox servers got shut down for good

they put one out it would be a huge release (and i maybe be stretching this) but possibly on par with call of duty

Pl4sm44734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

whoever makes it .... it will sell alot .. ALOT of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .... i imagine Naughty dog(Uncharted1,2,3) or Gerrila games(Killzone1,2,3) making it ... but they will never let those game companies make it .... so .. its probably dead until someone with powerful computers figures out that it has a big fanbase (almost Battlefield 3 like) and remembers to make it

theonlylolking4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Star Wars Battlefront, one of the great shooters of last gen. It is sad that it has so far never been brought out on PS3 or 360. I hope it will come out when the Wii U releases and will be for the PS3, 360, PC, and Wii U.

There are five things I want in SWB3
1.split screen online and bot battles
2. customizable characters
3.no kill streak rewards
4.PS3 and PC cross game online
5.no perks

Raven_Nomad4734d ago

You must be joking? Mouse compatible? Did you ever even play the PS2 version? The people with a mouse that they imported totally raped on the game. It makes it incredibly unfair.

Urrakia344734d ago

Sounds like maybe you were just stuck on crappy teams. When I played online I usually finished in the top 3 players of my team and won a pretty good number of matches.

femshep4734d ago

they should make 3 in the old republic era instead of the clone wars.....clone wars maybe really interesting but after the tv shows and movie and everything they have done with it im sick of the clone wars

BALLARD324734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

I'm betting it will be announced later this month at Comic-Con. Just a thought...
Comic-Con countdown at the bottom of the site too.