Shadowlocked - Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Review

Shadowlocked - For me, the prospect of playing as a Transformer is shamefully appealing. Last year’s War for Cybertron proved that a Transformers game can deliver a fantastic experience in its own right, without following Michael Bays’ crave for explosive destruction. Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem with Dark of the Moon. It’s a poorly delivered movie tie-in that never becomes an enjoyable game in its own merit. Bland level design and unsatisfying mechanics mar an average experience, while an unresolved storyline lacks any depth.

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orange-skittle2662d ago

The movie was amazing though. They even included what looked like an introduction to gears of war movie. Agustus Cole played his role perfectly as the other guy could've been Marcus Fenix. Last years years Transformers movie sucked but the game was game and this year the movie was epic and the game was a so-so....what went wrong?