IGN: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Hands-on and Videos

IGN report their single/multiplayer impressions from behind enemy lines, along with new direct-feed video:

"It should be no surprise by now that we're pretty big fans of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 here at IGN. Since our first time going hands-on with the game months ago we went from having cautiously optimistic hopes for the game to genuinely enjoying our premiere experience, largely due to the sheer amount of customization that went into the Wii controls. Everything from cursor speed to dead zone, motion controls and actual camera pan speed can be changed on the fly for either on or offline play, as Medal of Honor Heroes 2 has easily the most customizable - and therefore intuitive - control for any Wii FPS thus far, Prime included."

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M_Prime4866d ago

Looks Good.. I wish they showed how the ONLINE works though

Stealth4866d ago

i don't think this game looks very good. i guess i'm just to focused on how good COD4 looks and feels. what do you guys think

doncorleone74866d ago

I predict it will get an 8-8.5

MyNutsYourChin4866d ago

I'm in it for the gameplay. The graphics remind me of Day of Defeat when it first came out, not that impressive but good enough for the game. I can't wait to pick this up.

DeckUKold4866d ago

cause call of duty is no wii go

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