Ex-Rockstar engineers working on LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita

While the PlayStation Vita version of LittleBigPlanet got highlighted during Sonys E3 2011 press conference, not a lot of details have been revealed about the game. For example, who’s making it? Today we got an answer to that particular question.

UK-based studio Double11 has announced that it is working on LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation Vita. If you haven’t heard of Double11 before, don’t worry. The studio was only founded in 2010 by ex-Rockstar engineers Lee Hutchinson and Matt Shepcar.

“It’s a fantastic achievement and a privilege for the studio to be working on a project such asLittleBigPlanet, particularly for such an exciting new platform,” said Hitchinson, who acts as Double11′s CEO.

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MasterCornholio2716d ago

Stop it with the good news. My wallet is going to have a huge hole in it when this thing comes out.

PS3HQ2716d ago

Hah! I just want the Vita!