The ugly truth about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

GGTL: "Halo is a legendary series. An important game. A trusted name. And, undoubtedly, a consistent cash source. Its legacy will continue on regardless of what you might think, and that's why we're getting Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition this autumn. It's an important release, not only because it symbolises the tenth year of Halo's creation, but because it also presents questions about future re-releases in the same vein. Isn't it time that these remake games offered more of what we loved in the original, instead of 'balancing' our vintage gameplay?"

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NYC_Gamer2662d ago

hope all the halo fans enjoy this remake

buttclown2662d ago

We will, but after all the other games that come out this holiday. Too many to pass up!

R8342661d ago


It's not as long as it appears really. Just for some reason this site's sidebars are larger than the actual articles.

afterMoth2661d ago

They completely f'd the multiplayer game up though. The multiplayer isn't the Halo:CE engine, instead it is Reach with Halo CE maps. I want the feel, the gameplay of Halo: CE (the only good MP Halo game ever made, the rest good progressively worse with each game).

GrieverSoul2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Fanboyism is amazing!
Before Bungie defected to the multplatform side, they were the best developer in the world that revolutionized console FPS and made the best FPS games in the world. Now, everyone and their mothers hate their best game that is Reach. I dont get you guys, seriously dont...

afterMoth2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

"Fanboyism is amazing!
Before Bungie defected to the multplatform side, they were the best developer in the world that revolutionized console FPS and made the best FPS games in the world. Now, everyone and their mothers hate their best game that is Reach. I dont get you guys, seriously dont..."

Oh, I get it, your comment after the "Fanboysims is amazing" is just mocking exactly what Halo fanboys do, well played and dead accurate as it exactly what Halo fans do, they fail to recognize all games before that already did what Halo was merely copying.

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gamingdroid2662d ago

I'm going to wait until it goes on sale. I love Halo, but Gears 3 and MW3 will get all my time this winter.

EVILDEAD3602662d ago

LOL @ this guy whining about nothing. If you want to play Halo: CE as is..then pop it in to your 360 right now and stop crying.

For the rest of the world and the ACTUAL true Halo fans Anniversary is going to be priceless.

But just like we have seen for every single Halo release this gen, there is going to be fan bloggers trying and FAILING to spin this title as negative as possible.

My take is don't buy it..we the fan will by the millions


showtimefolks2661d ago

the biggest thing these HD remakes do wrong is they just up the resolution and call it a day. How about fixing the issues that reviewers at the time though needed to be fixed make it a better game than it was.

no one can deny the impact of halo series on consoles it kind of jump started the FPS market and showed devs its possible o consoles.

This game will sell quite well maybe 4-7million and MS knows that they are short on exclusive games this fall so this will do the job and next year halo 4.

I got a question do you think this halo remake will sell better than Gears 3? I know its 2 different games but both are exclusive i think halo will sell more because its halo

EVILDEAD3602661d ago

'the biggest thing these HD remakes do wrong is they just up the resolution and call it a day.'

Nope..the BIGGEST mistake people like this fan blogger and you make is Halo Anniversary is NOT a's an HD overhaul.

Meaning they didn't just call it day.they did EXACTLY what they intended..God of War collection was the shining example of what the titles could do.

This isn't about some whiny fan blogger who has no clue what it was like to play Halo: CE from day one.

It's about the fans who not only get a beautiful overhaul of a timeless classic.they get to enjoy the other benefits the last decade has brought to gaming..Online Co-op, Reach muli-player, and achievements.

Who is whining about 'The Library' 10 years later. Especially, when the most incredible level that era 'Silent Cartographer' is about to be played in beautiful HD.

What does this have to do with Gears? Of couse Gears will sell's the end of a trilogy that all Gear heads have been waiting for.

Bottomline..Halo Anniversary is a gift to fans and like I said..the evil agenda is more obvious than ever..the only people who hate are not the people who honestly cared about the franchise in the first place.


Sub4Dis2661d ago

normally i'd be anti-remake, but in this case i'm so excited. my roomate and i used to play this game every night in college...mastering it on legendary. i can't wait to meet other people who were like that..playin through it with them, seeing what different strats they used with their friends back in the day.

it's the community of people i'm looking forward to.

grifter0242661d ago


There are only 2 things I find wrong with your comment.

1. Trust and Betrayal was my favorite even if it was a mirrored stage at night...the music was superb.

2. What they should have done INSTEAD of throwing in Reach multi is give what TRUE Halo fans wanted and that is HALO 1 MULTI not this abomination Reach Multi.

Look at the difference...

people were still playing lans up until midnight for H2 with H1...and now look at the Reach playlists..they are practically dead.

500 players in a few playlists?! Really! Hell even H3 had thousands of people playing at the midnight launch of H:R.

THAT is the reason I am not going out to buy it...I would have preordered already but that little mistake ruined the game.

EVILDEAD3602661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

'Look at the difference...
people were still playing lans up until midnight for H2 with H1...and now look at the Reach playlists..they are practically dead'


You are comparing a few people in your hometown who are re-living the ol' Halo Lan days from back in the day to over 680,000 people who just played Halo Reach withing the LAST 24 hours???
It's not even close..Reach is still a top 3 Xbox Live staple w/ only Call of Duty in front..So PLEASE tell us..'practically dead vs. what'? Name another game on ANY system other than Call of Duty touching the amount of games played and hours online topping Reach?

You just addresses your own point..if you want to revisit the old days..nothing is stopping fact what people don't even talk about it the 360 made Halo look even better than it did on the original Big Box.

..And that's cool that you enjoy other levels even more ..but for me back when Halo lauched..flying onto the beach at Silent Cartographer a decade ago was a mind blowing experience. Driving the Warthog on the beach for the first time..let alone co-op was an absolute many memories..

Everyone has their opinion..but for me flying those original levels with a jetpack by far overcomes the ol' pistol memories of the past.

So again..who cares if you arent playing because you want to pretend that the stats of Reach in ONE playlist in ONE hour of the day represent over half a million who played it THAT day..and yet you say you loved the campaign which is untouched..but the game is now ruineds? for you

Again for milions of fans who feel like me..Halo Anniversary is f-ing priceless..and will enjoy the festivities in Novemeber

It's great to be a gamer these days


BinaryMind2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

@showtimefolks - Actually, the article argues fixing stuff like the library would make the game worse. Keeping it authentic is what makes it better.

Still, I agree with EvilDead that there's really no point in releasing the multiplayer again with merely a graphical update. It would be cute for a few minutes, but I don't think I'd give it serious play time. Besides, Reach's graphics are better than the remake and also Reach does have a Classic mode which disables the armour abilities.

If you want a truly authentic experience, the original doesn't have Xbox Live anyway. So you're best to pop in the original disc and go LAN!

grifter0242661d ago

Evil-Starcraft comes to mind, WOW comes to mind although thats not really a versus type of game.

For consoles...Forza has a big backing well Forza 2 anyways before they ruined the rankings in 3.

Street Fighter has a big backing.

MVC2 was played up until the release of MVC3 and since that game is an abomination to lots of people its STILL played.

Last I remember MVC2 was released BEFORE Halo so that already tops it.

Also the "Difference," You dont seem to understand is how many people are ON at any given time...I dont care that someone gets on plays 2 games and then goes to another game...I"m talking about when Halo was a ALL DAY thing.

I remember when people would get home play for HOURS NOT A FEW GAMES. Face it and look at the playlists at a specific time of the day hell do it at 5pm and you will see more than the majority of the playlists dont top higher than 700 besides Slayer and BTB....THAT means its dying.

yeah you can act likes its the most played when 1 guy plays two games and add that up to the total of players that played that day but it isnt the same as before....noones STAYING in Reach.

Also I agree we have different opinions.

I never got into the idea that Bungie was going with with Armor abilities and bubble shields and that ilk...just made it more casual for people like yourself.

Hell everyone was complaining how broken Armor Lock was that it was taken out of lots of playlists...oh but its a good thing that they threw in there right?

Also why would I want to pay 60 because I know that they are gonna jack up the price close to release when I have it already with almost nothing changed but graphics...thats a waste of money.


The multiplayer will be cute for a few minutes?! What are you talking about! Last I checked all Bungie was doing before was throwing up old maps with the new game....(Guardian,Black out, Warlock,Beaver Creek,Coag,) ......not to mention everyone gushing for that Midship remake in H3.

Again this is a waste of money that 343i could have made Halo relive its glory days but alas all we got was a sell out and only looking for money nothing more nothing less.

EVILDEAD3602660d ago (Edited 2660d ago ) cant' comne up with one online comminuty on CONSOLES playing right now that is REMOTELY close to Reach that is not Call of Duty.

You know why? Because there isnt...and that is a fact.

Over 700,000 played in the last 24 hours..on a Tuesday. This is a game that is 10 months old. You can pretend that you have 'reasons' not to pre-order but anyone can look at your history and see youn just another Halo hater.

This is what you wrote a couple of months ago..

What are you 3 talking about? I thought I saw it all when I came to this site but apparently not.

'Bungie is NOT a good dev team. Mediocre perhaps but "Good," Would not be something I would associate with Bungie.
Halo 1 was a fluke and before that what were they working on...some no name "Oni," Game?
Bungie had no idea how to keep Halo alive and slowely began the deterioration of the series. I mean look at the population'

Bungie is a mediocre developer??? your wildest fan kid dreams

LMAO..if that is all you can contribute..I'm mad I wasted a bubble replying to you in the first place.

It's hilarious to see Halo's success still having the haters say ANYTHING to smear it.

The rest is classic fail..Armour abilities makes Reach more casual? They are going to hike the price up at the last minute to 60 dollars??

It's cool..don't buy the's simply not for you

Again 343 spoke to the fans (clearly your not one of em') and in November..millions will be playing the timeless classic in all it's glory.


grifter0242660d ago

The funny thing is I will have the last say unless you edit in which case I wont see it since I only see notifications.

1. Like I said before and something you didnt acknowledge. A guy plays Reach for 2 games and leaves to play COD or whatever else is ADDED into that TOTAL players played.

What I'm talking is noone is STAYING to play the game all day...yeah 700,000 people seems like a lot but when they only play a handful of games you begin to see that the community has deteriorated.

There are more people playing SS4 all day compared to Reach...yet you dont like to acknowledge that little fact.

Yeah I gave up on Bungie as dev team but that wasnt by choice that was by necessity. I mean bubble and then armor abilites....but dont label me as a Bungie hater from the beginning.

I played H1 till H2 came out at midnight, I played H2 till H3 came out at midnight and I played H3 all the way up till H:R release....thats YEARS of playtime in the Halo Universe! Hell look up my stats on gamertag is the same as here if you dont believe me.

Also Millions might be an overstatment..yeah it will get the casuals playing like yourself but again some of the hardcore players have seen this is nothing more than to get money.

I have nothing else to say on the subject so you dont need to edit your post.

BinaryMind2660d ago

@grifter - What are you talking about people playing only 2 or 3 matches a day? I see people all the time with Reclaimer or Forerunner ranks. We're talking 6000 or 7000 matches, maybe more. That's over 20 matches a day.

And what is this mythical, giant group of people who played Halo all day? I could claim the same thing for any game with 100 people who play it.

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snipes1012661d ago

I will buy this game and enjoy it and it won't make anyone else's life any worse. If you want it, buy it. If not, don't. What I eat doesn't make you shit.

Concerning the article though, I'm really not sure what this guy is getting at with this. Everyone wants a remake of older games that they love. FF7 is one of the most requested, and tons of PS2 games are getting an HD re-release.

I think this whole remake thing is great. Seeing Halo all shiny again will be just as great as it was seeing the Sly Cooper series in HD. It's a win for everyone.

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Urmomlol2662d ago

Wow, you some want cheese with all that whine?

Inside_out2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

If you want the original Halo, it's not only available for download but all you have to do is put in your original disc and's backwards compatible, including an update.

Why is this guy crying over $40 for this ANNIVERSARY EDITION of a game that put M$ on the map. The game will have Firefight and multi-player last I'd heard. Let me want the " new " game for

For me, I'll except a complete over hall including Halo 2. It's not 2001 and things change. New weapons or updates, Characters, vehicles...etc. Add all the multi-player maps to date by letting the community vote on them and Firefight.

For those who want to remember the olden times the old game is there complete the way it was originally...I don't want that. Lets celebrate Halo and everything about it. If anything, 343 studios should be doing MORE.

tdogchristy902662d ago

The halo 1 or 2 disks don't work in the 360s anymore. Believe me, I've tried :(.

I wish they did.

gamingdroid2662d ago

"The halo 1 or 2 disks don't work in the 360s anymore. Believe me, I've tried :(."

What are you talking about? Of course they do!

STICKzophrenic2662d ago


"The halo 1 or 2 disks don't work in the 360s anymore. Believe me, I've tried :(.

I wish they did."

Did you by any chance purchase a bigger hard drive on eBay?

I only because I purchased one on eBay and it was a "knock-off" that looked authentic. It was lacking the partition that allowed for backwards compatibility.

fatalred alarm2662d ago

I have both halo 2 and 1 working on my works

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LastDance2662d ago

why dont they just rename Halo 3, Halo: Combat evolved and use that as the anniversary edition.

No one will notice except for the excellent addition of jumping like the kids from Magic Schoolbus.

Kurt Russell2662d ago

Poor troll attempt. I'll give you a 4/10 mainly for the effort.

ZeroChaos2662d ago

I'm still going to buy it.

JohnApocalypse2662d ago

Does he say that the collections that Sony has going are uninspired cash-ins?

abczby2662d ago

Compared to one forever classic game being completely graphically remade and having cool additions along with hidden easter eggs put in... This guy is obviously biased towards the 360.

cobra42662d ago

i don't understand why any of these games are a bad thing on sony or ms side. The die hard fans of each game will probably love it and buy it, and those that don't see a point to it will pass up. no big deal. However, I do love the hell out of halo:ce, the game that got me into games, and will buy it day 1 if i have the money

LastDance2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

aren't they taking out local multiplayer or something to that effect?

if so, any "fan" of halo shouldn't be looking kindly towards this release and fanboys will be defending it with their life regardless of how ridiculous the omission is.

buttclown2662d ago

I would say that I agree with his opinion about milking the cash cow, but the fact that its price starting is going to be 40 bucks seems fair. If it was 60 however, then my opinion would be different.

Camb316912662d ago

I agree. It's 40 bucks. I happen to not have Halo Combat evolved anymore but really would like an updated version of it.

Hockeydud192662d ago

For some reason I just think the game should be 30.00 bucks but even still 40 i'm not complaining. Can't wait to play one of my favorite games of all time.