Does Mass Effect have a future on PS3?

This month will garnish what is widely regarded as a 2007 Game of the Year candidate. Developed by Bioware, Mass Effect is said to be a spectacular new vision of the future set in a bright universe, with a dark secret. What made this game truly special, at-least to Microsoft is that Bioware had plans to develop this title as an exclusive trilogy with all three games spanning the life span of the Xbox 360 console.

To Microsoft, Mass Effect was, and still possibly is, the bread and butter for the Xbox 360, especially since the Halo trilogy has came to a successful end. However, recent industry transactions have created clouds of doubt over Mass Effect and it's future of the IP still staying 100% exclusive to the Xbox 360. This could lead to the possibility of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3 coming to the PlayStation 3 console in the future.

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Odion4862d ago

how come this crap can be approved, but other stories don't? I am going to bet you a lot of money that MS is going to throw EA a ton of money to make sure the rest of this trilogy stays on the 360

HarryEtTubMan4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Please.... keep it. The PS3 doesn't need any more sci fi alien games( WAYYY OVERDONE this genertation)
I only have a 360 and getting a PS3 probally this month and I'm not getting Mass Effect. It really doesn't look that special at all. I could relly care less if this game out of all the PS3 franchises comes to the PS3. Can you say Uncanny Valley?Look at the faces, they look like cardboard cutouts.

lawman11084862d ago

And we all know how biased this site is for anything Sony.

MADGameR4862d ago

PS3 does'nt need this game. 360 needs it BADLY! MS can't afford to allow this game to go multiplat. X Box 360 is selling horribly. Infact, MS needs to steal more PS3 exclusives. DMC4 is useless on the 360. Because #1 X Box fans are so slow, they'll put down DMC4 and compare it to Halo 3. Rofl! #2 It won't sell in Japan! #3 X Box 360 owners are ALL about FPS games. So yah....MS needs to steal more games from SONY by slipping checks into devs hands. I'm not saying ALL X Box fans are slow... just the ones that have Halo pride and put down the best games because of a GREAT (ONLINE) Game! Halo series is only good because of multi-player. Without it, it would'nt be what it is today. IMO, Halo 1 was the best in the series. Because it had the best story in the series and a GREAT online for PC! After they sh*tted on H2 and was overhyped, I lost interest in it.

WEWdeadeye4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

What are you talking about? Either you are clearly misinformed, or are just making stuff up. The 360 isn't having ANY problems selling, AT ALL!! In october, the 360 outsold, in the US, the wii by over 100k units, and the ps3 BY OVER 600k units!!! Worldwide, the 360 outsolde the PS3 by over 300k units. So if the 360 is selling like sh!t, I hate to think what you would describe the PS3 sales as being.

WEWdeadeye4862d ago

I own a 360 AND a PS3, I love them both, but lets just get the facts straight please. That's all I was trying to do. Not sure where you got the idea that the 360 was selling poorly, in fact, it is quite the oposite. Last year in october it only sold about 220k units. That is a HUGE increase.

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Nicosia4862d ago

''but now given the fact that EA now owns Bioware, Electronic Arts, not Microsoft will publish and distribute Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.''

- its a big thing for MS, you know they will be throwing money.
- Bioware has a rich history with the xbox brand.
- Also you forgot to mention bioware is working with lucasart outside the ea deal.
- Its to premature to say that 2/3 will be publsed by EA.

''until BioWare opted to move the project over to Microsoft’s console due to lack of development kits from Sony. ''

Huh show your sources.

Elginer4862d ago

With BioWare still having individual deals like with the recent Lucasarts project, it says a lot. Also MS is publishing Mass Effect, so I'd assume that they prob have a deal to publish the rest of the trilogy. If not you can bet that with the strong ties that MS and EA have now, that something will come of it. If you don't think that MS is going to tossing bills to make it happen you're insane.

cooke154862d ago

especially since Moore works for EA now.

NoUseMerc4862d ago

Our source was Richard Vogel, Co-Founder and Director of Bioware Austin. We met with him at GDC, but we didnt put his name in the article cause we have yet to get word back from him if its okay to use his name as a source. We talked with him over launch, and eventhough he didnt say off the record, we want to get permission before quoting him.

Nicosia4862d ago

this articale seems to be flawed and not very well thought out. Your writer seems to be recycling rumor stuff.

Snukadaman4862d ago

With ea losing money...even with 360 sales...It just might make it too ps3...but then again with no one buying ps3 games why bother too port it. They lose money marketing it and then sell less then 100K.

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Real gamer 4 life4862d ago

Xbox can keep mass effect. i want ff13 and versus, that the only rpgs that i wan.

ruibing4862d ago

Same feeling here, but I'd Bioware's games so I wouldn't mind this coming to the PS3, but only if EA does a good port.

ip-student4862d ago

handle Mass Effect - the AI, the textures, just wouldn't be possible...

Okay - on a more serious note (because I consider the consoles to be close enough to equal that either console could do anything that is done on the other console) - if Mass Effect does well it seems like EA would be stupid not to port/develop for the PS3. Assuming it doesn't cost too much (and EA has to be getting better with ports with all the practice it has) it would sell a couple of hundred thousand at least just for the respect that Bioware has.

Seems like a no-brainer to me unless MS throws a lot of money to keep it exclusive but I don't think MS will buy future exclusives as much - MS has the lead and is going to maintain good momentum. It will take two years at least for the PS3 just to catch up given the price difference. Third parties have accepted the XBOX 360 as a great platform to develop for and the more flexible ram makes it easy to do what was done on the PS3 on the XBOX 360 (sandbox games with huge levels could be a limit but I don't think so if procedural generation is used). So it seems to me more likely than not that this goes multiplatform.

gamesblow4862d ago

I'm a huge Supporter of Sony and the more games they have the better... but I don't want Mass Effect on the ps3. I don't want Halo on Ps3... I don't want Gears of War on ps3. Those are xbox Staples. Why should we make every console have the same content? We shouldn't. We need diversity and reason to buy these systems over the other. With Mass Effect going to Ps3, it'd be a lost venture. I want new IP for my PS3. I want to see continued support for franchises on their respected console and target audience. Not every damn game needs to be multiplatform, people. Get of it!

The_Engineer4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

When it releases I will buy it for 360, if it runs poorly then I hope they bring it to PS3 and do a better job as this looks like it should be a great game.

I'll buy both Uncharted and ME on release day SO I WIN, while fanboys blinded by silly console jealousy will be here bickering instead of gaming.

jcgamer4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

wow, excellent post...I love how every console has its own special flavor this generation...bubbles up...this is EA though, so it isn't a crazy question...but 360 owners will be the ones who make ME a success, no doubt about 1 purchase for guys support on...


i everygame ended up cross platform, then it only enforces the idea that we should just have one gaming platform. i bought my 360 for games like halo and mass effect. I bought my ps3 for games like MGS4 and FFXiii. The more games keep going cross, the less reason i have for owning both.

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fishd4862d ago

I hope so as a ps3fanboy(yeah fanboy,so what?)you know we are talking about EA.there may be a ps3 version a wii version mobile version psp ds and every platform on this think not so think again.but at other side we have M$ and they know how keep their exclusive,exclusive so it is really complex but at the end i just hope so caz it will be a great game.