'We've spent a lifetime talking to drunk people at bars' - The real inspiration behind Kane & Lynch

The Guardian put some questions to Jens Peter Kurup, Game Director of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, who gave some interesting insights into his studio's working methods. Including talking to barflies...

When asked about inspiration, Kurup says that it "has come from lots of different sources, particularly our very own Hitman games. In Kane & Lynch the story and characters are unique but some of the style and mood has been inspired by Hollywood action movies; Unforgiven and Man of Fire probably being the biggest inspirations in that area."

"We've also spent what feels like a lifetime listening to drunk people at bars - you'd be surprised what lives some of these people have led. Or at least what stories they come up with to cover it up. We wanted to create characters that are real. We've all seen and played our share of immortal action heroes. We wanted to get a couple of guys with some proper problems centered around themselves. No saving the world or anything. It helps if they´re a little older. They know that they´re not immortal and they know they don´t get a second chance." he adds.

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MK_Red4873d ago

BioShock, Mass Effect and this Kane & Lynch are sure nominees for the best story of the year.

solar4872d ago

hell if they wanted to float my tab for beer i wouldve gave them a helluva story ;)

DrPirate4872d ago

I love the character design behind Kane and Lynch. Gameplay might be a hit or miss, but like MK said, the story has some serious potential for engaging gameplay.

gw4k4872d ago

Been drunk this year!

Drano4872d ago

You could be one of those deluded, broken or alienated drunkard they're talking about! Even you! You! And... YOUUUUUUUUU!

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