PS3UK Review: Folklore 6.5/10

RPGs are a common thing nowadays, but Folklore has taken basic RPG elements mixed them with a strange gothic background and is finally something different and original. Using the Genji: Days of the Blade engine at Game Reppublic Folklore has stunningly beautiful and unusual environments, but certainly isn't a graphics showcase of Playstation 3. Lots of people fell in love with Foklore after playing the demo when it exploded onto the Japanese Playstation Store, but does the love stay, or was the demo meerly a hump and dump?

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SuperSaiyan44866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Poor reviews keep on coming for PS3 exclusives...

andy0014866d ago

I think it is expected to get mixed reviews for this kind of game. It is not the usual type of game which appeals to the majority of gamers.

Folklore could be put in the same genre as Blue Dragon for example, which also had mixed reviews.

As for poor reviews for PS3 exclusives generally, then I can't really say, as the exclusives I've played have been really good, and comparable to the best 360 games I've played. Resistance is better than Halo 3, Gears of War is better than resistance, Motorstorm is better than anything except Forza 2, GT Prologue is better than Forza 2, Super Stardust HD is better than Geometry Wars. I just picked up Eye of Judgement, and a few PSN Eye games, and they are great to play and a lot of fun, and there is nothing to touch those on the 360.

Thats is just my opinion and you may think different, but we could look at some really great 360 exclusives if you like. Anyone for a game of Yaris?

ip-student4866d ago

Yaris - that had to be the worst game I have ever had the misfortune to try. It sucked so bad it could have overpowered a blackhole.

MK_Red4866d ago

Did other reviewers say it was Adventure or Action/adve...? Still, it's an unfair score. Folklore deserves a 8/10 at the very least.

wageslave4866d ago

It has 7.4 @ Metacritic.

Your opinion of "what it deserves" isnt of much value in the face of the industry review average. Sure, its just your opinion. But this 6.5 is about right in with the rest...

FirstknighT4866d ago

MK you have to be retarded! You think EVERY PS3 game deserves a 8 or 9. Anyway, just another Sony exclusive FLOP. Nothing new here.

Chug4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Judging by his bubbles, he has more intelligent things to say than you do...
Edit: Hmm.....I wonder who disagreed?

SabreMan4866d ago

thanks for confirming "why" i have you on ignore !!!

how is it a flop exactly ?? you sad pathetic excuse of a homo sapien

Antiomo4866d ago

He is a Sony fan, but he is not a total fanboy like some others wink wink. His arguments at least give the ps3 games the benefit of the doubt.

titntin4866d ago

I may have approved the story, but its a poorly written review.

I have this game myself, and both me and my wife have played and enjoyed it.
Its a niche game for sure, and certainly doesn't blow you away with its technical prowess. However, its really differnet to anything else out there, and has interesting game mechanics as well.
Rather than follow the formula and produce another 'me too' game, this is a good example of a game thats only going to appeal to small subset of the PS3's owners, but for many, it will be an enjoyable and refreshing experience. Its of no suprise then that I've seen scores from perfect 10's to 6's for this title, as it will certianly not appeal to all.
Its having a diverse selection of titles appealing to all sorts of tastes that has always made me enjoy Sony's previous machines, and I can see the trend continuing with the PS3 which has plenty of titles that can polarise opinions - this being one of them.
If you fancy a slow paced and quirky trip through a farie invested world, you could do a lot worse than give this title a try. If you live to frag, or are expecting an RPG along the lines of others or want something to blow away your friends - then this will disappoint, but dig a bit deeper and theres plenty to enjoy here.

gamesblow4866d ago

I really enjoyed Folklore... I'm not a huge RPG guy, myself... but it offered me something most run of the mill RPG's didn't... It was different. I loved the game and the graphics and art directionw ere top notch. Let's put it this way... I actually was so interested in the game, I beat it. I can't say that for Final fantasy or any other run of the mill RPG. They're all the same. Folklore isn't and that's why some people bash it. Some love it. It's a catch 22 with this game. Try it out and see for yourself, folks. Don't listen to reviews.

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