UT3 invades Germany a week earlier and without gore

A number of German PC websites have received a press release from Midway Germany stating that Unreal Tournament 3 will be released in Germany on 12 November:

"We want to thank the true German fans of this franchise with the early release. And that the German community added a huge part of the UT franchise's sucess in the past."

Keep in mind this will be the slightly altered, less violent version of Unreal Tournament 3 as required by German law. In addition to the removal of gore, this version features German text/speech and will not be multilingual.

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MK_Red4867d ago

Were previous UT games censored in Germany? What is wrong with them? This is not Manhunt or Gears... They really need to stop banning and censoring games. It's a bad for their gamers and bad influence on other countries.

JunkieXL4867d ago


I'm sure a gore-patch will be released soon...

@MK In this case it's not really a problem because UT is very mod-friendly

MK_Red4867d ago

"UT is very mod-friendly" very good point :)

pornflakes4867d ago

The whole GTA series where censored in Germany.
Saints Row etc. etc.

mighty_douche4867d ago

poor germans man, what happens when you get up in someone face with the flak cannon, what they gonna do? fall over nicely? HELL NO! they're ment to blow up into pieces, showers me with the blood of my prey muhaahhahah!