Jack Thompson At it Again | The Game Fanatics

Jack Thompson is back in the media, speaking about the recent ruling in the Supreme Court case against video games.

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Merivigian2665d ago

Next he's going to be complaining that they didn't capitalize the words on the cover of GTA and that directly effects a child's spelling efficiency.

Dart892665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

xDDDDDDDD this guy is one of the stupidest clowns i've ever seen trying to ruin the fun for other people if we didn't have lazy ass parents who want the the government to raise their kids they shouldn't be having them in the first place.

Yi-Long2665d ago

... they're going to need to build a dance-hall on top of his grave in order to facilitate all the people who are going to want to dance on it....

buttclown2664d ago

Maybe he could help figure out who shot first, Han or Greedo?

iamtehpwn2665d ago

“in Grand Theft Auto, you’re not just watching the raped, you are doing the rape, and then killing her to get your money back.”

First of all.. Since when can you rape people in Grand Theft Auto? Secondly, if you're raping the girl, why are you losing money?

mafiahajeri2665d ago

LOL, maybe he was playing online and people were T-baging his body xD

Spenok2665d ago

Lol my thoughts exactly.

richierich2665d ago

God does this asshole ever give up

mafiahajeri2665d ago

Isnt this the guy who made R* cancel manhunt 3? Bastard!

ScubaSteve12665d ago

i thought he couldn't practice law any more

DNAbro2665d ago

he can't, he just loves to be heard

coolasj2665d ago

Doesn't mean he can't be annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.