Gaming Irresponsibly is Giving Away 2 Free Half Minute Hero Codes

If you haven’t seen it already, half-minute hero is a fast-paced game. The codes we have are for the XBox, so if you like free stuff, keep reading!

We have a few codes to give away, so just follow the directions below and you could be a half-minute hero in no time! The contest will end in 72 hours from the time this is posted, so act now!

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agentxk2760d ago

Great game, just so you all know.

maskren2760d ago

I love the inclusion of the ditsy heroine in every JRPG.

agentxk2760d ago

Who fills that role in HMH?

ultrapepe2760d ago

Half Minute Hero sounds like a terrible bad-sex-joke.

agentxk2759d ago

But it is a terrific game!