Top 7 New IPs This Generation

GB: "This generation of gaming has mostly seen sequels, and the lack of new franchises is a bit disappointing. We’ve been getting new Call of Duty’s and Pokemon’s continuously, but there have been very few IPs this generation. Few as they might be, though, they’ve been generally very good, and definitely have the potential to go on to become the premier gaming franchises a few years down the line, if handled right. Here’s a list of seven such new IPs, the seven most amazing new franchises introduced this generation."

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Warprincess1162666d ago

Im not surprised that most of the titles on that list was Sony Exclusives.

LORD-PHOENIX2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

make it top ten new ips


longcat2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

is Ass Creed a new IP? Cause i would add that

Motorstorm series is great - the AI in that series can make a grown man cry

Active Reload2666d ago

They need to replace #2 with #1.

buttclown2666d ago

I can't say I disagree with this list, it be hard to name 7 new IPs this gen that I didn't already love. I prolly would have had Dead Space over Dragon age though, not big on RPGs

thugbob2666d ago

@Active Reload


They need to replace #2 with #3. :D

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krazykombatant2666d ago

ummmm 3 of the 7 titles are exclusives??? since when did 3/7 become mayority??? Either way each game up there deserves their spot, expect i think ME needs to be over gear. Although ME2 didn't have as an epic storyline and other flaws BioWare did build a huge universe, with plenty of thought going into it. Don't believe me check the codex.


NukaCola2666d ago

If a white guy, a black guy, a spanish guy, an indian guy, and 3 asian guys walk into a bar....who is in the majority? The 3 asians or the mixed group of four?
----------------------------- ----------------

Anyway. I think to put just 7 new IPs on a list is very hard. I think that they hit a lot of the best ones. I would of added inFAMOUS, Demon's Souls, and most of all Bioshock.

showtimefolks2666d ago

nintendo don't take risks they have been making almost the same games since their first console.

donkey kong
animal crossing
and many others.

MS while has invested in some new IP's from here on out will be all about kinect and some core titles

alan wake
too human

sony has in the past and even now have invested into highly risky IPs

heavy rain
little big planet
modnation racers
demon soul

any game company that does something new and fresh i am in favor of. when MS invested into alan wake we as gaming community didn't support it and hundreds of thousands copies were pirated and now we may never get a true sequel.

We all want these companies to take new fresh ideas but than most of us run to store the day our fav sequel comes out and forget about these new Ips

so many times it maybe where we blame the console makers or publishers some blame also goes on us

Merivigian2665d ago

Actually they already said they're working on the next in the series for Alan Wake.

Lawliet2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I personally believe so long a new IP is well advertise and is good, it will gain recognition.

E.g. GeoW,Uncharted,LBP,Resistance, and now inFamous.

That's not saying those new IPs that aren't selling were bad, cause MOST didn't get much advertising going, and when time passed, they got overshadowed by newly release game, and consumers usually look towards the latest hot stuff in town, then soon forgotten their(old games) existence.
Likewise games that had been advertised, doesn't necessarily mean its gonna sell well. Some didn't live up to gaming expectation, and too did badly in sales. Duh there are however some lucky groups tend to gain more than they deserve..

Sure enough not everyone can be claim as the guilty party, but before we blame someone, something always know where the root is coming from.

I would occasionally blame game journalist for their unprofessional and bias review. Back when professional reviewers are still sincere, I would give credit and would usually agree with their opinions. But these days, when you listen and read those articles some context doesn't even reflect the score given. I pity those who still believe reviews just how many good games you're missing out this generation.

I would beg to differ the "truth of all PS3 owners" I believe each to their own reason for buying the PS3. The given variety is just too large, and not every PS3 gamer share the same taste. Unlike Nintendo and Microsoft, you can most likely guess where the consumers are coming from. Most of those consumers who bought an Xbox love shooters, and those who bought Nintendo love Mario and casual games(Say I'm naiive, but that's the real truth..). But nobody can tell you which category a PS3 falls into. A definite answer would be, an entertainment system.

Venjense2665d ago

Well said, look at PS3 exclusives too, all of us PS3 owners are constantly touting exclusives but relatively few people buy them. I love the infamous series and bought 1 and 2 but out of over 50 million PS3 owners, only half a million bought Infamous 2 which is an amazing game.

Same goes with many other exclusive PS3 titles. Sony won't continue to make them if you guys don't buy them.

Truth is, most PS3 only owners picked it over 360 simply due to the free online play, Blu-ray and hardware reliability, not for it's exclusives.

khan_saab2665d ago

I probably won't put alan wake as the MS IP because that game was suppose to be a multiplat but MS wanted a game to compete with heavy rain so they payed them a lot of money to make it an exclusive. it could still come to the ps3

showtimefolks2665d ago

not every exclusive sell 10 million

uncharted series does well 4-5 million and UC3 should do 5-7 million

gt5 had done 7 million within couple of months who knows where it stands now

infamous 2 will do 3-4 million sales it just came out so give it some time

with ps3 its so many different kind of exclusives that no one just runs to store and buys every exclusive

killzone 3
Socom 4
infamous 2
yakuza 4

that's 5 different exclusives for 5 different kind of fan base so each sells well but no one title does cod or halo numbers

GOW3 has done i think close to 4 million for a hack and slash that's pretty good and that's not stopping sony from making new GOW games either

free online,bluray etc,,,,is nice but to sony they make most of their money off software

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frostyhat1232666d ago

WTH Is bioshok or portal 2???? Fanboy list

madpuppy2666d ago

bu,bu,bu,but, I thought the big "N" had all the "best" exclusives???!!?

how can this be!?! /s

Merivigian2665d ago

This Gen. They have no new IPs.

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BeastlyRig2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

MineCraft is a breath of fresh air! Not sure what genre it is.

JellyJelly2666d ago

Browserbased timewasting? j/k

LeftPawedFox2666d ago

you are just joking yet its true in a way. but awesomely funn!!

Der_Kommandant2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Infamous should be just behind Uncharted

longcat2666d ago

most fun i had this gen

Venjense2665d ago

The infamous series is also one of my fav franchises. I wish more people purchased number 2 because I want the series to keep coming

Eternus2666d ago

Switch Mass Effect and Gears and I would agree lol.

WackoW2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Demon's Souls to me personally,.. also probably the best game this entire gen,..

----------------------------- -------------

Can some one explain to me how I have one bubble in 5 minutes after I registered? I closed my previous account like 3 months ago,..

This community and/or bubble system is just fucking great,.. lol

Max Power2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

EDIT: Nevermind this account is closed.......IGNORE ME!!!!!

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