PSU Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008... "Incredibly Addictive"

Despite flaws in its online and edit modes, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is incredibly addictive and still wins the title of football champion over FIFA, but only on penalties.

* + Addictive gameplay
* + More licenses than ever before
* + Realistc player appearances

* - Awful keepers
* - Inefficient and laggy online mode
* - Limited edit mode

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jromao4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

To get slowdowns disappear, just do this:

1) Install the game on PS3 trough "Install" on "System Settings"
2) Turn Commentaries OFF
3) Turn BGM Music OFF (0%)
4) Stadium Effects OFF

and then play again, you will see surprise.

It was tested on 3 PS3's, two europeans and one USA, both 60 GB models. No slowdowns at all, even playing under rain or crowded box, runs smooth like replays.

About the article above,

1) Keepers aren't awful, just depends on game level you choosed.
2) On-line lag is being worked out by Konami as they state when we go online.
3) Edit mode isn't limited at all, huge settings we can use for
editing and even more with [email protected] camera.


CG4861d ago

Thats pathetic isnt it, i asked my self whats the point of the ps3 version if you have to jump through so many hoops and switch off all those settings (which takes away so much from the expirence) just to play the game LOL. Whats the point off having those settings there if you cant use them lol.

The 360 version is clearly the one to get. All it needs is a patch for online line play then it will be perfect.

Chabbs04862d ago

yah ive already playerd over 20 hrs alredy

eagle214862d ago

of course the game is fun.

Agente474862d ago

Fifa 08 is a much better game, if you're a PES fanboy just give it a try for a couple of hours, you may not be able to go back to the arcade and terrible looks of PES. Konami screwed up this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.