Welcome Back Extended, you might get an extra free month of PS+

Due to the Playstation community reveling in this newfound power they have over Sony where if they complain Sony will bend over backwards to please them, the Playstation Network Welcome Back Program has been extended from expiring today to 9pm PT on July 5th.

If you have wasted all these weeks of it’s existence with the INTENSE choice of whether to get Wipeout HD or Super Stardust HD, now is the time.

In refreshing the program for another day, Sony might be giving out something many of us have already gotten…

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Gray-Fox-Type02662d ago

can we have another game ..... not statisfied i want MOAR haha

buttclown2662d ago

I already got infamous, which other game should I get? I haven't played any of them

Gray-Fox-Type02662d ago

Infamous was pretty much standard choice for everyone. But little big planet is nice aswell,but another popular choice is Dead Nation. Very nice addictive game solo and co-op. Soundtrack is pretty nice too :D I got a platnuim on it played it through 3 times and I can say its a very fun blast owning some zombies :D

buttclown2662d ago

I may have to get Dead Nation, I haven't played a zombie game since Left 4 Dead. I was kinda meh on the Little Big Planet demo, not my style of game.

multipayer2662d ago

I think Wipeout Fury would be the best choice, it includes the expansion, isnt proven obsolete by a sequel and would be a bit more expensive and higher budget than dead nation otherwise.

zag2661d ago

dead nation is quite good

RedDead2661d ago

Dead nation is all right, definitely worth a few bucks, L4D rapes it though if you think it will match up buttclown

gaden_malak2661d ago

L4D and Dead Nation are not even the same game. One is a top down shooter and the other is a FPS.

garos822661d ago

i already had infamous,lbp and wipeout so it was a no brainer for me. i got dead nation (very fun game) and ratchet and clank quest for booty. never played a ratchet game before but im enjoying it thus far. will probably pick up other rathcet titles due to this.

pixelsword2661d ago

"Due to the Playstation community reveling in this newfound power they have over Sony where if they complain Sony will bend over backwards to please them..."

That's called customer service: that's why PlayStation patrons are so loyal.

RedDevils2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Funny I got all the games in 1 account, and with PS+ where I also got a 30 days Burnout Paradise which it cannot get any sweater than that lol

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cannon88002662d ago

If you guys had more accounts made for different countries before the hacking incident occurred, You can do the welcome back program in them too! I did it and now i have more than five full games.

MostJadedGamer2661d ago

Wow I wonder if I will actually get another 30 free days of Playstation Plus. I just purchased it again. I wonder if it just a system glitch or if I will actually be getting another 30 days added on?

MostJadedGamer2661d ago

It actually worked I got an email saying my Playstation Plus has been extended through August 3rd.

subtenko2661d ago

Sony, my friends ps3 makes icecream, you owe it to me that I have another free game since you didnt make a universal usb icecream maker.His has a playstation logo modded on it and Im not that crafty as my friend.

oh and my ps3 doesnt levitate still, but my friends does! He put a huge fan that spins insanely fast under his ps3. I suspended mine with rubber bands but its not the same :(

Where's Kevin Butler at when you need him? Probably playing with all that cool stuff he always has in his commercials >:/

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ZeroChaos2662d ago ShowReplies(5)
user8586212662d ago

PS3 owners seem to want everything for free

PS3 games

Kran2662d ago

And what do Microsoft give? Oh. A few MSP for filling out a survey or buying their products.

lucifon2662d ago

There's not even a welcome back section anymore in the EU.

UltimateIdiot9112662d ago

Only if you redeem PS+ within the first 2 days I believe.

f7897902661d ago

I redeemed it on the first night and I was able to get the extra month!

BrianG2661d ago

I am a long time subscriber, but my friend redeemed his 30 days the first day, just tried this last night around 10pm at his house and it worked.

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