EuroGamer In Theory: PlayStation 4 in 2012

EuroGamer - DigiTimes is citing Taiwanese manufacturing sources that suggest that Sony is actively working on PlayStation 4 and that the new console is set to be released in 2012 with an initial shipment of "at least" 20 million consoles. Amazingly, the report suggests that manufacturing will begin this year.

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slavish32756d ago

it could happen. just like sony kept supporting ps2 when ps3 was released for the 10 year plan.

-Mezzo-2755d ago

I agreed, this is exactly what will happen, Sony will release PS4 and will keep on supporting PS3 way after PS4's release.

But i personally believe it would be stupid of Sony & Microsoft to release a New console in 2012, there is no need for them at this moment.

I would be fine if They both announce their Successors in 2012 and release them in like Q2 2013.

Plus it would be wonderful if Next Xbox & PlayStation hit the store shelves together, it would be a great competition.

Peaceful_Jelly2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

The PS4 camera thing sounds really good, is like MOVE on ROIDS! Look at this:

While playing with MOVE I always wondered why Sony didn't do something like this but now it seems they are gonna do it. =p

btk2755d ago

Can not see any reason why not.
Dual core PowerPC with more SPU's
Much more RAM
New gen BR (12x or 24x) 200GB
2x PS Eye standard or the new superfangled tech
Improved Move controller

Actually - not much R&D needed from Sony to get the PS4 out the door then. So it could be that they are ready.

If the dev kits is fairly compatible with PS3 dev tools and methods - then dev cycle will be short.

Time will tell.

qwertyz2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

1 year lead over microsoft makes alot of sense but by 2012 gpus won't be as powerful as 3 gtx 580s so samaritan tech demo graphics wouldn't be possible on it unless sony launches a $7-800 console(ps3 cost about that much in the eu and U.K the price was reduced in the U.S) which I doubt they'll do again. microsoft can wait till 2013 or they can easily launch a console in late 2012 with massive horesepower(3x gtx 580 performance) as they have the deepest pockets in the world they could easily shoulder the loses until the console becomes profitable. I think ms might go with intel for a cpu at least or even strike a deal with them to use their transistors as they are currenlty ahead of averyone. intel will have 14nm 3d tri gate ready by the end of 2012 while ibm and amd will be on 32/22nm. the tech leap for next gen consoles will have t be MASSIVE or many people won't upgrade

ddkshah2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Don't leave out the possibility that the next cell will be 4-8x greater than the current cell and imagine the level of physics and realism that will be able on that alone add in the 580 or even a gtx6xx gpu and you got yourself major power :D

Also according to moore's law ps4 should be 8x more powerful than the ps3 (6 yrs/1.5 yrs) x 2

jaosobno2755d ago

Intel has yet to start building a factory for 14 nm process. First samples will be available in 2013. Not nearly enough time for Microsoft to implement that tech (since X720 final prototype must be ready till 2012 E3 if we are to trust many many rumors).

And according to AMD roadmap, they also plan to start producing 14 nm in 2013.

Do your research before you post nonsense.

ElementX2755d ago

I really don't like that conceptual PS4. It's used in every article.

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