Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "Seriously, this is hilarious. D3Publisher has just announced that Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon has gone Gold and we just found out that the game has been leaked to various torrent sites. The game is slated for a July 22nd release, which means that it was leaked almost three weeks before release."

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Tired2662d ago

I fail to see why this is hilarious!

MidnytRain2662d ago

News like this only strengthens my belief that the video game industry is going to die much sooner than anyone would expect.

Jpinter2662d ago

I wonder how much money publishers/developers have lost to torrents.

femshep2662d ago

erm hope they mean july 22 outside the US because it was suppose to come out the 5th here but then everyone started selling it on the 3rd......soooooo no leak here

john22662d ago

Yeap, this release date is for other countries ;)

femshep2662d ago

alright it didn't say in the article (or i over looked it which is more than likely)

game is awesome though

Active Reload2662d ago

Umm, do people not know that some stores like 7/11 have actually been selling physical copies early? Someone told me they actually had it reserved at Gamestop and they asked if it was in and GS told them yeah, and gave it to them. I haven't verified if it was true though.

Peaceful_Jelly2662d ago

This series is sooo underrated. Too bad it got leaked but how does this happen anyway? Is it the employees or hackers or what?

MidnytRain2662d ago

I think I heard that this often happens when untrustworthy journalists receive review copies.

JellyJelly2662d ago

I loved the first (co-op was a blast) and I'm getting this day 1. Bubbles for keepin' it jelly.

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The story is too old to be commented.