Kojima: The Zone of the Enders HD collection is the first step towards a new game

Kojima mentions that the ZOE HD collection is the first step towards creating a Zone of the Enders game

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agentxk2752d ago

A new ZOE would be great, help break the monotony of all the other stuff we are wading through.

NYC_Gamer2752d ago

i'd rather him work on this franchise and let snake/MGS rest.

solidsnake2222752d ago

agree was an accident :(

lol, anyway I think Kojima is a mastermind, and I own just about every edition/version of every MGS game. For ZOE, I own both and neither really did it for me like MGS did. I'm okay with with disagrees but I am not trolling, I welcome a ZOE 3 but I would hate to see Kojima abandom MGS for ZOE.

NarooN2752d ago

He really does need to give MGS a rest. He's claimed time and time again he doesn't need to make them, yet he turns around and spits out another spin-off while the story just gets more and more convoluted.

Take a break from MGS and just make another ZOE already. It's been 7+ years since a ZOE game. I think ZOE fans have waited long enough.

Blacktric2752d ago

I think what NYC_Gamer meant is giving ZOE fans a new masterpiece while letting Metal Gear Solid franchise rest a little bit more and then make another masterpiece just like Metal Gear Solid 4.

versusALL2752d ago

I've always wanted to play the zoe games, now I have my chance, hope it's as good as people say it is.

Warprincess1162752d ago

Too bad the game not gonna sell well and it will ruin the chances of a new title.

Ravenor2752d ago

Well, make sure you buy the game and spread the news about the ZoE HD remake. You know people outside of the internet right? I am sure one person will be interested.

Or go my route and buy people games and then they have no excuse not to. It's expensive, but it gets the job done.

Michael-Jackson2752d ago

Why so much disagrees, it's the truth, it's not gonna sell millions. But I won't rule out a New ZOE because Sly collection sold poorly but Sly 4 is still happening.

NarooN2752d ago

Yeah it wouldn't sell millions if they didn't MARKET IT PROPERLY. I remember when both ZOE1 and 2 came out; ZOE1 only sold a lot because it had the MGS2 demo in it -- no one knew what ZOE was and no one cared. ZOE2 was made because ZOE1 sold a lot, yet they didn't even market ZOE2 besides a few ads in various game mags.

If they show TV commercials and internet ads of super-fast paced mecha action, it'll be over. Everyone will buy it.

killerhog2752d ago

it will topple 1 million in Japan alone and a few hundred thousands in NA and Europe (not to sure of my NA prediction though). overall i think ZOE HD will hit 1.2m-1.5m first month. ZOE is more popular than you think. I know people I had no clue till i found out respectfully played ZOEs

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The story is too old to be commented.