Rumor Busters: The Post E3 "New Wave" of Rumors

gamrFeed writes:-
"It’s been a few weeks since our last update for Rumor Busters, so it’s time to fix that. This week we have a few post-E3 rumors that have been springing up, most of which are related to things vaguely said at E3, or people talking rubbish about things that won’t come to fruition for months if even true. This week we won’t have too many definite rulings on the many rumors rolling in, but we’ll definitely be building a backlog for later in the year!"

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Duke_Silver2666d ago

wow some of these are zany

bmw692666d ago

Yeah I'm suprised at how close the Cafe specs were...

Spectator12666d ago

Cool idea for an article.

kthsdlr2665d ago

Good to see some of the myths debunked.