StarCraft 2 Update: Protoss Observer - Screens and Videos

These small drones are employed to survey vast wasteland areas or observe and record battles for study within the protoss archives. Their complex sensor array leaves little energy for defenses, but they can detect cloaked or concealed enemies with ease. This ability makes observers invaluable auxiliary units on the battlefield.

Observers that are used for deep-space exploration are often deployed without any defensive systems. However, those destined for use in a combat zone are equipped with a micro-cloaking field to hide them from the enemy. The small sensor signature of an observer means that the drone does not have to drain its energy in order to maintain the field over long periods.

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Drano4867d ago

An Observer, hurrah. We won the war.

Jump Beyond.

Squeezle4867d ago

I killed someone's entire army with only observers once.... it was awesome! Totally caught them off guard. Seriously though, they need to update the Zerg some now.

Leord4867d ago

Yeah, some Zerg previews are well overdue actually! Can't wait.