PC gaming is not dying anytime soon....and here's why

Considering PC as a much viable platform for gaming, it has invited a lot of flak from the gaming community over the years on account of poor sales and ignorance from the developers. The lack of concrete sales data and information has caused more damage to the platform than piracy ever could.

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Inside_out2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

...but the world is moving towards more convenience and the stereotypical PC, the big black box is IMO, on it's death bed.

It is true that DD is not taken into account which is a travesty. I think that total DD sales on PC could very well in fact out number physical media. Trend watchers have recently started to invest in better solutions in order to take into account this growing phenomena.

The big problem is that consoles, tablets, laptops and cell phones will now take over the PC space. It's PC on the go--anywhere you are. You are a couple finger taps away from checking e-mail, playing your favorite games or just browsing your favorite sites...all in HD or 3D. That is where everything is going. It called on demand service and not only will this happen but people will demand it. It's all about the cloud now.

btw...don't expect it to get cheaper. These guys will always have excuses why it will cost MORE, not less. Look how much they charge for a tablet that is no different than a big cell phone with a touch screen...O_o...criminals.

led10902666d ago

check out the link at the end of the article. For the year 2011, boxed sales were 1.5 million, whereas digital sales were 2.8 million. Digital copies not just sell more than boxed copies, but sell more the double the amount

Oldsnake0072666d ago

check your math skills

so 2.8 million is more than 3 million ?

Ranshak2666d ago

No but even if digital was 2.8billion usd to equate the same profit from boxed copies you would have to sell 5.6billion atleast.

Since every digital copy sold is 2x as profitable due to:

no transport cost,
no packaging,
no retailer,
no damages,
no returns,
game gets to be on the digital shelf forever and continues to sell via discounts where as retail sales die after first few weeks and most retailers then dont even keep the game.

Pixel_Pusher2666d ago

PC gaming isn't going anywhere I'll make sure of that. :P Can't wait to build my rig for BF3!

Pandamobile2666d ago

You're commenting on a gaming website and you expect me to believe that you're not a geek?


MerkinMax2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

wait a minute, I forgot I'm on N4G...


Lol..I like the agree to disagree ratio with me and pandamobile. :)

tdrules2666d ago

how do laptops take over from PCs, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

you know computers have been HD (PR BUZZWORD AHOY) since the dawn of the 21st century.
you also complain about the price of things, PC hardware is affordable over time (price degrades very quickly), whilst Nintendo and Sony still think it's acceptable to charge full whack for a portable game whilst Steam and Apple laugh all the way to the bank with profitable but cheap games.

Warprincess1162666d ago

lol reassurance article for PC Fanboys.

led10902666d ago

Please don't represent the console crowd ever. There are a lot of good and level headed console gamers who can think about things objectively, but sadly they're not the ones to comment on such articles lol

pepsilover_20072666d ago

Wasn't there a bunch of articleS saying the ps3 wasn't dead 3 years back also

evrfighter2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Warprincess tried to be a pc fanboy once.

Once pc gamers found out he was using a dell and was laughed at....well you can see what happened

seriously, true story

killerhog2666d ago

I keep trying to remove her from PSN land but she keeps roaching back in through cracks.

but yes, PC did lose some support from developers and lost a few games but the truth is it will never die. PC will always be around after consoles have come on and gone, PC will still be here. they will be here even if consoles die completely. also only games that are well attach to the general PC community sell like: RTS, Shooters, MMO's, RPGs, so a no brainer on why games on PC are scarce but not dead

death2smoochie2666d ago

Oh god Warprincess the Sarah Palin of N4G.COM commenting again...

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Pikajew2666d ago

As long as it has good games it wont die. And it has mods so thats another reason it wont die

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V0LT2666d ago

This topic is about as old as people predicting that the world is going to end. Give it a break. PC gaming is growing even more as we speak and is more affordable than ever. It isn't going anywhere.

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