The Nazi Zombies Phenomenon

Nazi Zombies…just let that sink in for a second, Nazi Zombies. If you were to just say that to a friend a few years ago, the phrase itself would probably make your friend laugh from the sheer absurdity. But a little thing called Nazi Zombies has hit the gaming world and made the phrase a well-known name. The Nazi Zombie add-ons to the Call of Duty games World at War and Black Ops have been a massive success online but....

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DanSolo2667d ago

It's the best bit about COD.... and STILL no-one has cottoned on that maybe it's time to make the RIGHT Zombie game..... still waiting for the definitive Zombie gaming experience!

CrimsonSaber2667d ago

man i tell you what if i knew the slightest bit on how to program or level design you can bet your ass i would straight rip off on zombies...
xna studios for xbl .... i can taste the cash flow

pixboy2666d ago

I've been bored of Zombies for a long time.. can developers come up with something new already?!