Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Review (

Is this final iteration the definitive one?

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moegooner882661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Could someone please bother clarifying will the arcade edition be a standalone product including all characters from SSIV or just a DLC

soundslike2661d ago

Theres a boxed version I saw for $40 that was SSIV+Arcade edition

GunofthePatriots2661d ago

No trials for new characters=Fail.

HardcoreGamer2661d ago

what the fudge, no trials. what about cosutmes?? do they add all the dlc costumes?? or are tehy frugking with our wallets. pricks at capcom know how to make scam money

beast242tru2661d ago

i never realized how good this game was until yesturday was playng it on a friends 360 i got him 2 trophies online but the 360 dpad is kinda bad for fighting game moves are hard 2 bring out

DiLeCtioN2660d ago

Got it for free. friend payed for it on PSN as I already had SSFIV. £1O I think it was