Don't believe it: PlayStation 4 release in 2012 highly unlikely writes:
Sony's PlayStation 3 might be turning five this November, but that's not stopping the rumor mill from declaring the PlayStation 4 will be arriving soon. DigiTimes reports a PS4 with Kinect-style motion tracking sensors will begin production by the end of this year, with a release in 2012. Here's why that report is total BS.

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handheldwars22665d ago

10 Year Plan - Nothing to do with PS4 release date.

51 Million Strong - Yeah! PS3 sales are starting to really go over the top now. So sales wise, no need for Sony to release PS4.

The PlayStation Move Factor - Move is dead. NO GAMES!

Don't Sell That PS3 Just Yet - Ofcourse not! So many great games to come!!

"If the 10-year plan is to be believed, a PlayStation 4 shouldn't arrive until at least 2016. At the very least, a PS4 prototype unveil could happen, mainly to rain on Microsoft's rumored Xbox 360 successor parade, but a one ready to rock and roll by next year? Don't count on it." - Bulls**t. I believe PS4 should release no later than 2014.

sinncross2665d ago

The PS4 could release this year and the 10 year plan for ps3 would still be in effect as it would continue to be sold for a few years meaning the 10 year plan could, theoretically of course, exist.

That said, I think 2013 is the earliest the PS4 launches, and this will depend on the momentum of the Wii U I think

theonlylolking2665d ago

10 year plan is supporting the PS3 not delaying the PS4 until those 10 years are up.

51 million strong- They could sell a lot of PS3's and PS4's at the same time.

Move-Move does not usually have games that only work for it. There are actually over 30 games for it and more than half are hardcore like KZ3, MAG, SOCOM 4, etc...

Not selling the PS3- I dont think you should sell your consoles in the first place. Just think about how much it would be worth 50 years from now.

I would like the PS4 to come out in 2012 or 2013.

ilikegam3s2665d ago

imo I reckon nintendo's reveal in next gen might of screwed up the 10 year plan, same goes with mircosoft.

I agree with sinncross.

forcefullpower2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

If MS release a console in 2013 Sony will realease on two years after and not 1 year like this time. So i recon 2015 - 16.

I also wish they would drop any attempt to have backward compatibility and spend more resources on the new console.

DeadlyFire2664d ago

10 year plan is still in effect for PS2 and its been 11 years.

PS4's time is set between 2012-2013. Its releasing in that window. 2013 is all around the most solid date for launch of a PS4 system. Why well. Nintendo isn't releasing by April 2012. More like Fall 2012. E3 presence is essential this time around if they mess it up Wii U will slump. I personally hope they drop the Wii title from it and just call it Nintendo U. Its less brand confusion, and certainly shows non gamer crowds that it is a different console.

Microsoft is preparing to show a console at E3 2012. Sony is as well or these rumors wouldn't be around every day. Both are likely to launch in 2013. Either early Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 either way. You get your fix.

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JonahFalcon2665d ago

Er... the only reasons they give are personal "PLEASE DON'T DO IT!" B.S. reasons. None of those things are reason enough for Sony to do it. And incidentally, they're B.S. themselves:

1. 10 Year Plan: B.S. The PS2 was in its 6th year when the PS3 came out.

2. 51M strong? Welcome to third place.

3. The PS Move factor? It got trounced by Kinect and has been stillborn after it's release. No one bought PS3's for the Move, and it's evidenced by the PS3 coming in third every month since the Move's release.

4. Say what?

Tupac_Shakur2665d ago

PS4 wont happen before 2014 for sure. I mean come on! PS3 is 5 years old! its way to early for PS4.

firemassacre2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

2014 announcement 2015 release. count it

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