Best Buy's Fourth of July Video Game Sales

Today is July 4th, which means that today is the fourth day in the month of July and that it’s a US holiday. Of course, with a great holiday must come great sales, video game sales in this case. Best Buy has some of the greatest Fourth of July sales going on right now for games and electronics; everything from a buy one get one free Kinect game sale, to buy two for $30 video games, and several discount video game bundles as well.

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DanielComfort2667d ago

Good opportunity to pad out that Kinect library of mine.

GregoryAllen2667d ago

Let's all celebrate the hard-fought war we won over 200 years ago with some cheap games.

God bless us, everyone ... wait, no, damnit, that's from A Christmas Carol.

Ah, yes, God bless America.