PS3 Gets 'Largest Ever' Campaign; 80GB Sees 'Phenomenal' Sales

Peter Dille (SCEA VP of Marketing) noted that the 80GB PS3, which is backwards compatible with PS2 and comes with Motorstorm packed in, has been "demonstrating phenomenal sales growth since Sony announced the $499 price point."

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felman874862d ago

How about keeping the SKU?

kittoo4862d ago

I thought 40 and 80GB both were going to be there.....

Gamespot-equals-EGM4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

The ps3 new commercials are pretty damn sweet. On the PS blog, the VP of marketing says the commercials will be getting heavy rotation (and you should see it during the Colts-Patriots game on sunday....I'll definately look out for them).

Check out the commercials here:

ruibing4862d ago

I'm pretty sure 40GB and 80GB are both staying.

gamesblow4862d ago

It's growth steams from the only outlet in which to play PS1 and Ps2 games fully. I can't say I use the backwards compat in my 250 gb ps3, but I do know when it comes down to buying one or the other "as a new consumer" I'd go for the 80gb, just to have the feature for use if I needed it sometime. <Ya know? The 40gb is a great way to obtain a blu-ray player, though. That's for sure.

KINGDRAMA4862d ago

bd player=100
ps1/2 reader=100


REbirth4862d ago

bd player=200
ps1/2 reader=100

yes probably you right is unbeaten:P
i'm thinking seriously buyin a ps3 this Christmas ^^

kingboy4862d ago

ps3 needs more TV ads affiliated with actual gameplay demonstrations from games to help stick into the minds of people.I can`t stand a Wii add every 2 seconds on tv

WAR_MACHINE774862d ago

follow the link and watch the new ads that started friday.

I think thats gonna stick pretty well.

popup4862d ago

Those new TV ads are spot on!

Showing the PS3 as a Swiss Army Knife electronic device is a smart move.

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The story is too old to be commented.