DICE on Battlefield 3's multiplayer graphics changes

We've all seen the stunning infantry animations shown in Battlefield 3's single-player footage, but DICE has revealed that some of the Frostbite 2 engine's features will be modified for the multiplayer component of the anticipated shooter.

Speaking in Edge issue 230, DICE lead multiplayer designer Lars Gustavsson detailed that Battlefield 3's multiplayer infantry animations are not the same as we've seen running in single-player footage, but are instead finely tuned for more responsive competitive play.

"In multiplayer, we do an additional pass for animation. In single player you don't mind if a guard up on a balcony does a Hollywood death - stumbling around a bit before falling over."

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Inside_out2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I haven't seen any console multi-player footage as all the footage from E3 was on big, dark, black boxes with unknown PC's inside. I guess they are going to wait until launch to show the console multi-player version tho I'm still waiting for some campaign footage that is longer than 2 minutes...O_o...maybe show that tank footage on consoles.

The PS3 console campaign footage already showed the game to be sub par on consoles, one can only imagine what the multi-player looks like.

I wonder why they haven't been showing the console stuff...maybe something to hide. If they expect the millions of console gamers to pay $10 more for their game, the least they could do is show it but I guess that's asking too much???

@ChaLk...of course there is nothing about the consoles hubcap...that's the POINT. Your PC icon says it all...o_0

chak_2664d ago

read before commenting stupidly.

They tweak the ANT engine in MP compared to the SP. nothing about ps3, or PC in there.

Dart892664d ago

He's a cod fanboy he's just mad cuz his game is sub hd and still looks like it's still from 2007 >_<.

thematrix12982664d ago

It should be better than BC2 MP graphically but will definitely not equal to SP. Basically developer is saying don't keep your hopes up so high about multiplayer graphics.

peowpeow2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The multiplayer graphics shown in the E3 multiplayer booth versions looked amazing nonetheless

ECM0NEY2663d ago

It sounds like only death animation are changing.

Where does it say the actual graphics change?

Lich1202663d ago

The impression I get is that they're referring to the timing and speed of animations. This is akin to using different animations for a cutscene than for in game. While its nice having long drawn out animations for dramatic effect it doesn't work as well when gameplay is contingent upon an animation cycle completing. Things like exiting tank animations, manning a gun turret etc. can look better with flair. However when there's a player on the other end waiting for his avatar to hurry the f*ck up and get the hell out of the burning tank its better for gameplays sake to hurry the cycle up.

Sub4Dis2663d ago

the changes are done for the benefit of the competitive nature of multiplayer. the example he gave of a hollywood death pretty much sums it up. in multiplayer if you kill a guy and he takes 8 seconds to die, you might not realize you killed him and keep unloading bullets into him making yourself vulnerable.

it's just common sense.

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Venjense2664d ago

@ Inside_out
The game didnt look sub-par on consoles. It looked above par compared to other console games.

Don't tell me you're one of those people delusional enough to expect the console and PC versions to be comparable.

Ravenor2664d ago

It doesn't look like CoDTech at that awesome Sub HD.

caboose322664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Console gamers dont have to pay $10 more for a game. EA makes all their games $60 on each platform.


He is.

BeastlyRig2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I don't mind paying the $60 on pc! I can imagine a game like BF3 has a huge budget & actually looks like they put more into making it! But the console version of bf3 is dumbed down & they still have to pay $60..

MW3 should be $40 on all platforms also..

KING_KAI2664d ago

imo they should put mw3 up to £100 for standard edition so then the series can die quicker. but saying that it will still sell around 10 million.

a_squirrel2664d ago

Why the disagrees with caboose32?

caperjim2664d ago

Not sure where you buy your games but 99 percent of new PC games including EA are at least $10 cheaper at retail. I buy plenty of games. Sometimes console and PC versions of the same game.

When you factor in great online retailers like Steam, you get 50-75 percent off different games on a daily bases.

Maybe Battlefield 3 will be a different story but from my experience PC gaming is a lot cheaper when buying games.

caboose322663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


What?!?!? Almost all new EA games are/where $60 when they came out!

Dragon age 2
Deap space 2
Crysis 2
Battlefield 3

Plus Many multi plats are going $60 too.

Dont know what all the disagrees are all about, its pretty obvious that most games will be $60 on pc soon.

pumpactionpimp2663d ago

@ caperjim

that is patently un-true. almost all new EA games come out at $60, and a lot of activision games come out at that price for pc as well.

When the new console generation started they claimed the price hike to be production expenses, and licensing fees. But both of those companies, along with others have decided pc gamers deserve a price hike as well.

On a side note. If you ask me a d/l copy of a game should be $40-$50 seeing as how they dont pay for shipping, packaging, instructions, or a physical disk.

pr0digyZA2663d ago

Depends where you live, where I stay EA pc games are the same as other pc games and the console versions are more expensive.

caboose322663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Well, here in the US EA likes to get every bit of money for their products so they DO charge a higher price for most of their pc games, which really sucks (digital and retail). I see no reason for it since developers get more money out of digital distribution anyways.

But what I am getting at is that I know many pc games in the US are indeed going to $60. I have no clue about other regions of the world but I think the $10 raise is unnecessary.

Saladfax2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Most of the PC games I see via Steam, assuming they aren't collector's editions or something of that nature, remain at the $50 price tag when first released.

Now, granted I tend to wait several months for the price to drop, so I can't be fully certain, but I only know of a couple of PC games released at $60. Modern Warfare 2, StarCraft II, (though not a Steam game), and Dragon Age 2.

Now, there is a bit of a difference between EA and Activision in their dealings with Digital Distributors, such as Steam. Again this is just observation. I'm not big on tactical/realistic military shooters, but I do have a very strong bias against the general greed-mongering and franchise-milking of Activision.

Keeping that in mind, I've seen numerous EA games hit the varied sales pages over the last few months with the very nice, above 50% off mark. I can't think of a single time this was true of any Activision game. The Modern Warfare's were on sale a while back, but it was to my recollection only 25%, and I still thought their list price was too high to begin with.

This seems to be more in tune with their business model.

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DrRichtofen2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Console? They're talking about taking out the unnecessary animations and stuff that you would see in single player out of the multiplayer so that the gameplay is smoother and faster. For Ex- in single player if you're getting in a vehicle it would show you opening the door and stepping in, where as in multiplayer when your guy wants to get in a vehicle he'd just appear in there so you dont run the risk of getting killed with thre whole animation.

SirBillyBones2664d ago

Why would you have to wait until launch? You do realise there's a beta in September? Oh no you didn't realise did you? Because you don't research information before form opinions ¬.¬

death2smoochie2664d ago

The PS3 version they showed looked amazing. It's people like you inside_out and the so called few journalists that made these foolish assumptions and statements and lies to start something that was never there to begin with...which in turned unfairly painted the majority of PS3 users as whiners when in fact most PS3 users who saw the footage said it looked great.
Go back and troll harder

CernaML2664d ago


Wow! Not only did you rant about something absolutely unrelated to the article, this quote really shows how much of a fool you are able to make yourself look like:

"I guess they are going to wait until launch to show the console multi-player version"

Because there won't be a multiplayer beta for EVERY platform.

blackz0012663d ago

PC vs Consoles screenshot comparision from the bf3 thread on n4g....

NBT912663d ago

PC version looks way better, still getting the PS3 version though.

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nickjkl2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

wait what

yeah man this is totally something they havent done before and is new and exciting

its not really something exclusive to dice since many games do it i was expecting something a little more you know unique

example of uniqueness

unlike killzone 3 which used spus for post processing and the rsx for the rendering tasks

dice is using the cell for the rendering tasks and the rsx for post processing

Pixel_Pusher2664d ago

DICE! DICE! DICE! Can't wait for BF3! XO

godsinhisheaven2664d ago

good they know what they are doing...

Dynasty20212664d ago

I feel really sorry for DICE lately.

It seems like they have to defend themselves at every bloody corner, simply because CoD players are like rats; you're never more than 10ft away from one of the ***tards.

''So, is this new feature like CoD's''?

''Err...No, because CoD's is cra...''

''Well I dont want it then.''

Stop critisizing the better game developer (DICE) who have been around FAR LONGER than most developers, and let them do what they know and can prove, works.

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