Uncharted 3 in 3D: 'Will Be The Best Way To Play The Game'

GB: "It goes without saying that Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is the most anticipated game for almost every PlayStation 3 owner out there. The game will also support 3D technology when it releases this November and apparently that will be the best way to experience Uncharted 3."

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girlfriend ar her mums and my surround sound is the best way for me

3dtv too expensive

handheldwars22668d ago

3D with glasses is uncomfortable, generally reduces brightness and looks really goofy anyway.

dkgshiz2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I got a Samsung 43in 3D tv at Bestbuy for $599. They really are not that expensive. still don't have an HD tv? You can get like a 32in 720P Westinghouse for like $110 online. Not a bad tv either. I would be puking my guts out if I still had to use an SDtv.

Mustang300C20122668d ago

Did you get your two free glasses with the tv as well? I have the Samsung 46" LED 6420 3D

Pl4sm42667d ago

im waiting for the sony 3d tv combo ... i hope i can choose a bigger size or a different game like uncharted 3 .. :D

king dong2668d ago

cant wait to play this on my bravia in 3D.. really looking forward tot his

bangoskank2667d ago

@ redhemi300c

Couldn't agree more.

bangoskank2668d ago

@ RedHemi300c

I have the same TV and have to say I was disappointed at how the beta looked in 3d. I preferred to play it in standard 2d.

Mustang300C20122668d ago

I don't personally care for the multiplayer aspect of Uncharted. Hopefully the 3D will be as good as they say it is for the campaign.

solar2668d ago

i couldnt even look at a 3DS for more than 5 seconds without feeling queasy. ill take UC3 in normal D :)

BrianG2668d ago

Still recommend trying out glasses 3D. It is a bit different from auto stereoscopic 3D technology used in the 3DS.

Plus your TV wont move like the 3DS does in your hands causing your focus to shift, inducing that queasy feeling.

If you still don't like it, then "normal D" it is.

solar2667d ago

thx mate. ill try that when i get the chance.

FACTUAL evidence2668d ago

Man, I wish UC3 was more like UC2. I'd definitely buy the game. It seems like it will be good, but that weight made the game feel like a free'er gears of war.

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rabidpancakeburglar2668d ago

I'll be watching in SD :). Unless my dad gets me that HD TV he's been promising me for a year.

Kurisu2668d ago

Do you only have a SDTV? If that's the case even if your dad buys you that HDTV you won't be able to play the game in 3D. You'll need a 3DTV for that.

rabidpancakeburglar2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I know but I think that for the time being that a 3D tv would be a bit of a waste of money.

I'm not a kid, I've had a lot going on and frankly improving my tv hasn't been high on my list of priorities.

JokesOnYou2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

"I'll be watching in SD:)."

lol, my bad don't mean to laugh but your post caught me off guard, so funny, sometimes I forget about the kids, seriously though I haven't seen an SD TV anywhere in southern Cali in a long time. I was going to crack some 3rd world country joke, but I digress. I hope your Dad comes through for you.

On topic, I want a 3DTV but I'm not too impressed with 3D TV's so far, I'll wait until the tech really improves and becomes more practical.

BrianG2668d ago

I just renovated my room after finishing college. 21 years old. I game on a 32 inch non flat screen SDTV at the moment. Cuts off the corners in the majority of games I play. Also can barely read the text. But I make it work because I don't want to just "blow" my money on a HD TV at the moment.

Sure we have HD TV's in the house. Living room has a 60 inch DLP Mitsubishi and the master bedroom has a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma.

People have different situations, doesn't mean they are poor or to young to afford it.

JokesOnYou2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Alright damm, so're not a kid, yet you've been waiting a year for your Dad to buy you a hdtv. Do you live in the basement too? lol, j/k Its good you have your priorities but it just seems like anybody ready to invest in a hd console would also invest in a hdtv, especially this far into 360/ps3 lifecycle. I'm far from rich but I mean there are plenty of affordable hdtv's available for anyone who has a job.

rabidpancakeburglar2667d ago

Well I'm 19 and I live at home so yeah I'm waiting for my dad to get me a tv. Didn't mean to come off badly, just pointing out that I ain't a kid. And your point about the job is my issue because it's incredibly hard to get one

JokesOnYou2667d ago

oh, I apologize then rabid, yeah I dont mean to sound like an azz, I know some folks are having a tough time in this of luck to you.

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lashes2ashes2668d ago

i will be playing in 3d. i hope the 3d is creative.

El_Colombiano2668d ago

Creativity and Naughty Dog go hand in hand man!

knowledge4lfe2668d ago

the 3D in the beta isn't that great, it reduces the graphical quality immensely. the 3D is great, but it really make the game ugly. kinda disappointed in it really. hoping the final product will be better. at least the single player because thats why i buy uncharted

bumnut2668d ago

They have to render the game twice (once for each eye), this means they have to lower the graphics quality or resolution or the frame rate would be terrible.

milohighclub2668d ago

Doesn't the ps3 render 3d images at 2x 720?
Also uc3 in 3d is f#$ckin awesome! I love it and will not be playing in 2d. the only problem is Samsung 3dtv's if you have the the viewing angle on +5 it blurs the image but on 0 it has cro
sstalk. not the games fault.

Have you got your tv calibrated correctly?

Kurisu2668d ago

3DTV's need to go mainstream like...NOW! I want one for cheap.

Gray-Fox-Type02668d ago

how about the new sony one revealed at E3? I am interested but the size not that big..and you get Resistance 3 with it. But I rather not have downgraded graphics just to play with gimmicky 3D.

Kurisu2668d ago

I don't think that TV has been confirmed for the UK. Even if it does release here the exchange rate means that we will still probably be ripped off anyway. Plus, I don't like Resistance (not a fan of FPS) and, like you say, the size is a bit on the small side for a TV.

PS360PCROCKS2668d ago

Bought my 3D when this was announced, everything else is ICING!

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