[] E3 2011: Bioshock Infinite Preview

GamingUnion says: "When thinking about Bioshock: Infinite, past fans would do well to disconnect themselves from the events of the first two Bioshock titles. Why? Because it's not a sequel nor a prequel. Infinite stands completely on its own taking place no where near Rapture, but the nation of Columbia. Built in 1900, Columbia is a nation that lives in a sky; a floating "World's Fair" as some call it. Its inhabitants are not the creepy malformed splicers, but a bunch of political activists."

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mephman2661d ago

A definite improvement over BioShock 2.

NukaCola2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

This is Bioshock 2 dude.

Bioshock 2(Sea of Dreams) was a good game, but it was not needed. It was puched on to be made and didn't really drive the world like the original did. The game felt like it wasn't given the love that the first Bioshock had. I think the MP was pretty decent for what it was though. Bioshock isn't a shooter, it's a first person exploration adventure survival horror..and I think that is dedicated to be a solo game only.

femshep2661d ago

irrational didn't make bioshock 2 and the only reason Bioshock 2 wasn't amazing was because 2k was forced to put in a multiplayer which of course gimped the story....otherwise it would have been amazing