GTA IV mod makes incredible graphical overhaul

Parts of the above trailer for the ICEnhancer 1.2 GTA IV mod look as though they could come from a GTA V. The fan made update, spotted by RPS, builds on a selection of GTA IV mods, like RealityIV and DKT70 road textures, and then adds updated shaders to make this three year old game look as though it could be coming out next year. Improved lighting, weather effects, depth of field and more combine to transform GTA IV into the video you see above.

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Emilio_Estevez2666d ago

It's does. I am usually not impressed by these GTA mods, but that one is amazing.

JLeVRT2665d ago

It looks sexily real at night.

I cant wait to see what R* does on next gen consoles and PC specs.

Dee_912665d ago

my computer overheating just playing this video :O

RedDragan2665d ago

I think Rockstar has a lot to answer for.

Considering the budget they had, they did a terrible job with the graphics and it is highlighted all the more when you see people create mods that do this.

This is amazing, it looks $100M... do you hear that Rockstar?!

YogiBear2665d ago

@ RedDragan

They made the game three years ago. Technology has a way of advancing in that amount of time.

vortis2665d ago


How long ago was Crysis made?


kingdavid2665d ago

Crysis was made exclusively for PC only whilst GTA was an enhanced (used loosely) port of a console game..

egidem2665d ago

Wow....this looks very sweet!

..and console fanboyz keep on wondering why the PC is the superior race. Well, because of stuff like this!

Razgriz182665d ago

@ egidem:
'superior race'? Wtf dude... We all know PC's are way more powerfull and have more capabilities than consoles, but you're starting to sound like a freaking Nazi :p

ABizzel12665d ago

This is the kind of leap I'm expecting for Next gen consoles. So they can wait a couple more years until they can run this.

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rabidpancakeburglar2666d ago

Agreed it looks pretty realistic, for the most part.

Gray-Fox-Type02666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

holy! that looks insane and times wish i had a powerful PC but more of a console gamer but how do modders do a better job then developers !. Now how will GTA5 compare to this... and love the mods with real cars.

one question.. do the cars deform same as before? I want to see those real cars crash.

M4I0N32666d ago

yeah looks very impressive and i gotta agree with Gray-Fox, we need to see if it looks as good when they deform from collisions.

FragMnTagM2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I have every car replaced with a real car on my version of GTA on my PC, and yes they crash just like the normal models do. Oh and with the trainer that I have on with my mods, I can set it to no damage and no wanted level and all kinds of crazy crap. I can add neons to cars at will, push a button and the nearest car explodes, change my character, and more all from within the game.

You can have a lot of fun with mods on GTA4.

bozebo2665d ago

Because a lot of mods are made by developers and students etc. Also the developers are limited by the decisions of cashflow...

Crazyglues2666d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

yeah really does, this makes me want this on my PC...

Really nice job... and if you think that was amazing you got to check out when he goes around the city.. Looks stunning...

oh and then check out the random walk.. OMG!! Awesome -


zootang2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Will I be able to play this with an Amd Phenom X4 with a GTX460, 4GB Ram?

nskrishna22665d ago

yeah it should work..:P

lol here I am worried that it might not even work on my Core i5 and GTX 560...:P

The Creep2665d ago

do u think a 5850 and AMD X4 965 can run this?

subtenko2665d ago

wow, looks way better than the xbox360 version! I dont have gta4 on pc but Im not sure how smooth it would run with this mod as I cant try it out since I didnt buy it on PC :( hopefully R* really focuses and puts everything they can into gta5.

and a side note, I want a JustCause3! (I know it isnt made by rockstar)

the_best_player2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

OLD NEWS!!!!!!!!! <------------------

Andronix2665d ago

That truly looks fantastic. If not for the camera and car movements it could pass for real. Imagine if GTA V looked liked that!

matey2665d ago

Type r600 in youtube and look at a real city that looks real and makes that look dull

showtimefolks2665d ago

best gta 4 mod i have seen everything looks so real

great job

Jdub895O2662d ago

lol someone doesnt think it looks good....wonder what hes seen lol

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Prcko2666d ago

you need very good computer to run this,and i don't have that much money!
ps3 version ftw!!!

BeastlyRig2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

So basically don't have much money ftw? meh

PCFTW!! LA Noire, Arma3, Rage & Skyrim mods need to be made by theses people!

I will like to see how gta 5 looks compared to this!

Geralt2666d ago

If GTA5 is on the current consoles it will not look as good as this. If it's on next-gen console, perhaps it will. Here's hoping they put some extra effort into the PC version for those with high-end rigs though!

That's the great thing about PC gaming - it keeps most of the kiddies away because they can't afford it. If anyone has a job, even minimum wage, they can afford a great gaming PC after saving for a little while.

Ranshak2666d ago


Actually if kiddies had a clue how much cheaper PC gaming is compared to PC, they would be flocking toward PC.

The amount of extra people spend per game on console is enough to make a great PC gaming rig in 2-3 years time. Imo any hardcore gamer should consider a PC gaming rig.


A 500usd PC would blow make the PS3 version look last gen. PS3 version isnt even HD and runs at a meager 25fps with low res blurry texures.

koh2665d ago

Geralt, you say that it is a good thing to keep kiddies away from PC gaming, but complain when a developer forgoes PC versions of games and PC original titles. Mods are great and all, but if PC gamers want great, up-to-date new games they need larger numbers.

CommonSense2665d ago

if sheeple were wise consumers and not complete corporate tools, they'd focus more attention on PC gaming and developers would go back to proper game-making and community support.

it's the fault of the consumer...

bozebo2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

What CommonSense said.

People should only buy open platforms and titles on open platforms.

Consoles only exist for the benefit of Sony, MS and Nintendo. The whole point in a console these days (u know, since it's no longer expensive to get gaming hardware in a general purpose machine like the 80s and early 90s...) is to create a unique market base for the platform provider to make royalties from sales.

Also it's so damn expensive to develop a title for consoles that developers are going bust all around us because their publishers don't let them make PC games.

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FragMnTagM2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

A 500 dollar computer could run that easily. I should know, as my computer costed just a bit more than that and I can run it with no problems and a bunch of mods all at once.

Troll harder.

Ranshak2665d ago

500usd computer would easily run in in 1080p stock with no mods, ps3 version wouldnt stand a chance.

vortis2665d ago

What's your specs by the way? I got a ATI HD 4870 2gig video card, 4gig of RAM, Intel Quad-Core for $350.

I'm still trying to figure out if I should upgrade or not for Battlefield 3. I know a lot of newer cards seem to be cheaper (or alternative) versions of existing cards, like the 560ti or the 480ti.

So even if I did decide to upgrade I'm a little stumped on what to upgrade to.

curtis_boy2665d ago

thats called failing

You wont be running any mods on consoles

liore2666d ago

Why do people wait 2 years to make gta games thIs realistic

FragMnTagM2665d ago

It takes some time to mess around with mods. 2 years? Don't you mean 4 years? GTA IV came out in 2007.

FragMnTagM2665d ago

Yep your right, sorry, was off a year. Still people have been modding it for 3 years, not 2.

silvacrest2665d ago

jeez, has it been more then 4 years since GTA4? if someone told me on launch day that i would have to wait more then 4 years for a sequel......

CommonSense2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

quality sequels can't be churned out every 1-2 years. that's why COD never makes any progress. in fact, by PC standards a decade ago...COD2 was the only true sequel..the rest were just expansion packs. new engine = sequel, same engine = expansion or mod.

look at the Half-Life series.

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HardCover2665d ago

Let's see you do better.

bozebo2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Actually they have it fairly spot on compared to real life. The shaders are set up to make it appear as if shown through a camera, not eyes.

CrimsonEngage2666d ago

I don't know what's more sad, the fact that the professional developers over at R* couldn't make the game look this good or the fact an amateur did.

EazyC2665d ago

I wouldn't call an amateur making this 'sad', more so 'rediculously impressive'!

Solidus187-SCMilk2665d ago

GTA4 was made for consoles and they cant look like that. PC version was a console port, not made for PC from the groud up.

Also, R* created an entire game, Its not like these people that mod are creating a game from scratch, just adding details to a game already made.