BlackSite: Area 51 Review (Boston Herald)

The American government is satirized in "BlackSite: Area 51." This fun shooting-adventure game mocks the unpopularity of the president and the Iraq war. There's even a nod to Hurricane Katrina. Politics aside, Midway has delivered an entertaining escapade.

Grade: A

(Reviewed by Doug Elfman for Boston Herald on November 3, 2007; the review is based on the Xbox 360 version)

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Captain Tuttle4862d ago

The Herald shouldn't do game reviews. They should stick to Bush bashing. That was terrible.

MK_Red4862d ago

"mocks the unpopularity of the president and the Iraq war."
I get the Bush mocking part but what about Iraq war.

Anyway, Great find. This looks like a cool game but it has no chance this month with all the heavyhitters coming out as well as the ones that are already here.

InMyOpinion4862d ago

If it's ok to shoot russians in COD4 and make satirizing ads about other countries leaders like Valdimir Putin, Kim jong il and Fidel Castro(really not sure if he fits in with the aforementioned), it should be ok for games to make satire out of the Bush administrations politics as well.

It's pretty innocent if you ask me. The whole idea behind those COD4 ads seem to be to drag "communism" through the mud. Kinda funny, cause if you've read anything about socialism and it's values you would know that dictatorship is as far from it you can get. Too bad media has helped portray it as evil for so many years. Putin and Jong Il and Castro are dictators, not socialists.

@MK_Red - Bush (Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz) is the force behind the war in Iraq, that's probably why they touch upon it in the game.

jaaz4862d ago

the ultra liberal Boston Herald gave the game an "A" because the story bashed President Bush and the United States. Right.... Perhaps they should have, you know, mentioned how the game actually plays, graphics, etc.

Hey game designers, please keep politics out of our games or I won't buy it. Thank you.

xc7x4862d ago

that's ridiculous,it's bad enough movies do it,now games are too GRRR!!

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