Top 5 Free to Play MMOs and MMORPGs in July;

MMORTS superstar Evony Online makes a comeback with its Age II expansion content, Grand Chase re-emerges reminding us just how much fun it is hitting things with really big swords, Pangya pops back up showing us that Anime golf never gets old, Runes of Magic continues to grow with the addition of another Chapter (IV), and Argo crawls into 5th place with its awesome multi-mode combat system.

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109876543212760d ago

The article image will be a thousand degrees in no time. :-)

DarkBlood2760d ago

dont know man just not feeling it anymore, i think i lost the drive and im not really complaining about it :P lol

swissjak2760d ago

Stopped reading at evony as #1

ATiElite2760d ago

Evony is flat out boring and i can't find any appeal in the game.

I was amazed and shocked when some guy who plays it told me he once dropped $700 in one month on that game.

"I was like FN for what". "A real life Evony Model batter had came to your house and serviced you". virtual wood, gold, ans metal is not all that great.

horrible list

MMOGames2760d ago

Evony released a new patch fairly recently and cleaned up their act a bit. Maybe it's time to give them another chance? We did, and were happily surprised. :)

Argo, on the other hand, has perhaps opted for Evony's old tricks (see the image); but hey, sex sells, right?