Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Reviewed by GameSpot

GameSpot explains, "If you've got a PSP and are a fan of strategy RPGs, Disgaea is a worthy addition to your collection."

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cloud360-7th_account4865d ago

Worthy. Gamespot piece of sh*t its the best strategy

WilliamRLBaker4865d ago

the best strategy game right now is FFtactics psp.

Disgaea was never on its level, And ff tatics isn't even the BEST strat game its the best JRPG strat game.

the best strat game right now is Supreme commander.

Drano4865d ago

There's a slight difference between "It's the best Strategy Game" and the fact that you say or think it's the best Strategy Game.

Jump Beyond.

WilliamRLBaker4865d ago

There is no difference because it being the best IS FACT.

Heres some quick info.

Final Fantasy tactics PSP has currently sold more then Disgaea Ps2, *both of them or is their 3 now?*

Final Fantasy tactics Ps1 has outsold Disgaea ps2 (1 and 2 combined as well as the psp remake)

Final Fantasy Tactics Ps1 Being as old as it is
83% at metacritic
85.3 at gamerankings

This being as old as it is, Is very good because it had a limited ammount of reviews for average.

Disgaea received
85.7 from gamerankings
84% from metacritic

But its fairly newness allows it many more reviews (between 40 and 80 at the 2 sites) Therefor thats not astounding.

Simply put, the reviews, and purchases are on my side, Final Fantasy tatics is the best JRPG strategy game.

The best Strategy game all around is Supreme commander, sales, and scores back me up on that too.

Drano4865d ago

My point is... ever heard about "tastes" or "opinions"? Reviews ain't facts, they're guidelines.

Jump Beyond.

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freakyzeeky4865d ago

I never played Disgaea before... and many people seem to like this game as well, so I may give the game a chance when I see it in stores. :)

WilliamRLBaker4865d ago

its an amazing game, I'm picking it up, because of all that additional stuff on the psp version.

Grinchy4865d ago

I dont find myself agreeing with you too much William, but yes all the extras make this worth picking up.

AllroundGamer4864d ago

i'm playing it right now and it's a really good game, and this is my first Disgaea. Definitely better than FF tactics, that game was sooo slow. Even Jean Darc was better than FF tactics...

GamerMan4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Jeanne D'arc -- New original title by Level 5 and done ground up.

FF:Tactics -- Remake but defnitely a great story told but graphics (as in too dark) and camera angle can annoy you.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness -- Remake, funny light heart story and got to love the Prinny Squad :P but also has some bad camera angles because they did not implement the camera angles from Disgaea 2.

Out of the 3 I would Give Jeanne D'arc the greatest Strat-rpg to date for the PSP because of being originality with the story even if some of the game mechanics aren't original. The Camera angles are easy to handle and you don't feel frustrated in a battle. The bad side to the game is how easy some of the fields can be to beat and make you feel like you just cheated the whole design of the map.

FF:tactics and Disgaea are hard to choose between because they both great SRPGs and defeinitely are fun but Disgaea will give you more gameplay and gameplay mechanics to work with while tactics will give you better story in my humble opinion.

That is at least my perception of the 3 SRPGs.