What Have Sequels Become?

"Throughout the course of video game history sequels have been the norm. If one game comes about, there is bound to be a second one that tries to be better. But as of late I have been seeing fans of the original games bashing their sequels, and why? Mainly because of change. But I fear, my friends, that a sequel must come with change. You cannot expect “Action-Game 2” to be the same as “Action Game,” can you? But this is not the only thing I have noticed about sequels; I have also noticed that they are released way too fast and not given enough attention."

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Assassin Nawabi2667d ago

too many sequels releasing too early = devs short of new ideas

zootang2667d ago

People are too scared of taking risks because the media can come down hard on them. They just need to be confident in their product and segregate themselves.

pepsilover_20072667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

plus hd games are expensive as hell to make so they cant aford to take risk because it could affect there bottom line if it doesnt sell well

dredgewalker2667d ago

It's not so bad, there are games out with good sequels and games with bad sequels. Seriously I don't mind any sequel as long as they keep improving the games, milking is another issue altogether.

NoUseMerc2667d ago

It's like the movie industry. Investors and people with the money just want to make more money by coming out with yearly editions of popular franchises instead of taking risk with new ideas.

BlmThug2667d ago

Gta Has Been Very Quiet

pepsilover_20072667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

some of them have been horrible with sequels cough cod and halo cough, the ones with alot of time inbetween are usually the best

Deadman_Senji2667d ago

There's a little thing some people seem to misunderstand. That little thing called "demand"

Just because YOU didn't ask for it, doesn't mean everybody else didn't too.

Not all sequels are like that but some franchises are actually "milked" because of demand. FF being one of them. Zelda being another that is genuinely carried on because of fandom.

Games like Halo and CoD on the other hand, there's just no excuse.

MidnytRain2667d ago

Surely CoD is in demand; the last two games have sold record numbers. People want their CoD fix.

Deadman_Senji2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

You might want to check metacritic, not for any type of bullshit percentage but the difference in reviewer opinion and public opinion.

CoD actually does not deserve its praise and gets a surprisingly small amount from reviewers who do not get paid off by Activision.

Of course the average joe is gonna go to IGN or Gamespot for their news and once they see that inflated score, they take it as fact and go out to buy the game.

You can see for yourself if you don't believe me. Call of Duty has been doing nothing but riding the success of CoD4. More and more people are starting to wise up now and see it for what it really is. Their gravy train won't last much longer unless they can keep paying off reviewers. They won't be able to knock the voice of the common man down, who will continue to chip away the "good" name of these games and expose them for what they really are.

MidnytRain2667d ago

I still don't see that happening any time soon. MW3 will probably sell millions of units like the last two.

zerocrossing2667d ago

Sequels are fine in general but we get a lot of them so soon so often now that there's very little difference between them.
It seems like a lot of devs are afraid of taking a risk and alienating the fans, That or they just like milking a franchise.

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