Shadowlocked - How Can Fifa 2012 Improve On Its Predecessors?

Shadowlocked - For years FIFA came runners up to the almighty Pro Evolution Soccer. It was a shock for EA as FIFA owned the rights to all the leagues, players, names etc, yet Pro continued to dominate the market. However, with FIFA 09 EA managed to equalise against the Konami giants, and finally in FIFA 10 and 11 they recorded back to back wins over its closest rivals, with FIFA 11 demonstrating the most perfected football game to date.

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Yi-Long2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

... fix the replays, streamline the endless menu's and screens, give us an in-game player-editor, and improve the likeness of the players in the game.

Anderson82665d ago

it is stupid how any goal after 45 mins is never shown in the highlights