F.E.A.R. 3 SLI Bugged - PC gamers advised to run in Single GPU Mode

DSOGaming writes: "Since we got our PC review code of Warner Bros’ and Day 1 Studios’ latest FPS title, we’ve been messing with it to see how it performs. Although Nvidia has already included an SLI profile for F.E.A.R. 3 in their latest ForceWare drivers, that particular profile is bugged and actually causes negative performance."

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ATiElite2689d ago

advice PC Gamers to skip this game period. it just a console port and not a good game anyway.

evrfighter2689d ago

damn I never thought I'd read that. Chalk up yet ANOTHER one infested with consolitus.

Ranshak2689d ago

lol usually pick up console ports between 15-20usd. Usually on Steam or D2D discounts. Not really worth paying more then that.

bumnut2689d ago

I got bored of it in the first 5 mins.

2689d ago
hard joe2689d ago

another console port
console FTW

GrumpyVeteran2689d ago

Nope consoles for the lose. If a game is a console port when its released on the PC, it means it runs like shit, looks like shit, controls are shit or the game overall is just shit. So consoles & their games are shit.


ATiElite2689d ago

Console Port = a game ripped basically right off the Blu-ray or HD DVD and tossed unto a PC DVD Rom with the code changed just enough to run on a PC.

Special features include KB/M support....WTF!

The game will have none of the things PC Gamers like to have in PC games and it will be buggy, run like a shopping cart with a bad wheel, graphics will be OK if you have a strong GPU but then again the game will use up way too many resources on your CPU/GPU. You will be lucky if it's optimized for multi-threading and worse thing of all it will require Driver support and patches but not get any for like 2 months.

Console Ports are just not worth the money or time. PC Gamers do not mind waiting 3 months for a proper port but no way am I paying $60 $50 $40 $30 for a console port that runs like shite. $9.99 on Steam if i find out it's a descent port and a good game.