How Cole Jointed The Street Fighter X Tekken Roster

According to Capcom the "timing was right" to feature inFamous' main character Cole McGrath in their upcoming fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Quagmire2668d ago

I wonder if he will be included in Tekken X SF

killcycle2668d ago

I doubt it, but i hope so!

oricon2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Id rather have someone from the street fighter or tekken cast over any guest character i mean its crossover between 2 companies, its annoying to the fans of the 2 series that some random character got in over more deserving characters, its great for the casual fighting game players who probably wont touch the game after a month.

Ok disagree tell me why cole why he should be in over the Tekken and SF characters.

Go to a website like and see if anyone is happy with him in the game from actual fans of the series, i think most people on this site are happy for bragging rights so they can mock 360 owners that they got something exclusive.

midgard2272668d ago

because this is probably the only time cole will ever be in a fighting game and if you want to play as any other character you can just go back to an old tekken or SF. maybe people wanted someone new? and maybe out of the tons of infamous fans then maybe some will actually like cole?

odd cross overs arent new to gaming, darth and yoda in SC is one example.

if ur gonna complain about cole than get the xbox version that has 1 less character

oricon2668d ago

Im annoyed because their using development time and budget to create someone who shouldnt have been in the game in the first place.

Redempteur2668d ago

Since when cross over fighting games can't have guests ?

The thing is already ridiculous , let's just enjoy the game.

For instance , kratos in soul calibur 4 ( or MK9 ) wasn't that bad and was a good guest.

And then again , we don't know the roster , yet ..we don't know how cole plays ..nothing is finite in SFxT .. the complaining are stupid on a design stand point , on a gameplay stand point , on a story stand point ...

MachoMoustachio2668d ago

Cole's look is out of place but his powers fit right in.

rabidpancakeburglar2668d ago

"They were looking for a character and Capcom got excited about Cole."

lol I like how that makes it seem like Capcom is one person.

GoldPS32668d ago

Having Cole in it is cool and all but I wish they would just keep it SF and Tekken characters.

sam22362668d ago

Agree. He's only in it for the sake of being in it. He's probably shit, too.

It's Kratos all over again and he was crap in MK - too slow and has a shitty Fatality.

Urrakia342667d ago

Crap in MK? Dude you obviously haven't taken the time to learn his moveset and combos because he is VERY tough when somebody competent is using him.

RichterBelmont2668d ago

Needs less Cole and more Lee. thx.

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The story is too old to be commented.