Sony admits the 40GB PS3 is still using 90nm chips

Engadget reports: "We'd been hearing that Sony's new 40GB PS3 featured a revised design with a 65nm Cell processor and improved cooling, but sadly it looks like those reports were in error.

"A Sony spokesperson has told Heise Online that the 40GB model continues to use 90mn processors, but does feature an updated design with a lower power consumption of just 120 to 140 watts, compared to 180 to 200 watts for the older models. Sony says its still planning on moving to 65nm processors in the near future, but for now, it looks like the PS3 is 90nm across the board."

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freakyzeeky4866d ago

Well, at least a 40gb owner can still save energy over the bigger models. :)

ArduousAndy4866d ago

My brother has a ps3 his doesnt seem to have this problem. But working at gamestop I have people asking me for cooling fans for the PS3 saying that it runs really really hot. Is this a problem? Or are these people complaining.

Ju4866d ago

I don't have any problems with cooling and I haven't heard of any. Just make sure the machine is a place where air can flow. Not in a close cabinet or what.

happyjimmy4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

It wont die like 360 so there is no point in doing that.

Notice how all the 360 fanboys have approved this thinking it makes ps3 look bad? hmmm....

WilliamRLBaker4866d ago

*cries* im not a fanboy damit...

Yeah you need to read what you just said, If it talks, walks and acts like a fanboy then it must be one...and you sir by your statement proved your sonyfanboy status.

You had no reason to mention 360 or xbox faboys, in a thread that had nothing to do with them...but you did because your a sonyfanboy.

brothersimon4866d ago

ps3 = fail
360 = win

yuoz gunna crey about it?

power of Green 4866d ago

I'v noticed people have taken your bubbles because you're a PS3 fanboy trying to make the 360 look bad also.

Bonsai12144866d ago

thanks for contributing absolutely nothing to this discussion.

well, i'm guessing it still generates less heat because sony decided to take away several cooling vents. does the decreased voltage actually mean anything? aside from consuming less power, does it mean more optimized hardware or something like that?

happyjimmy4866d ago

Im not a fanboy. I just speak the truth.

kalle4866d ago

So why take up the 360 at all? and why start your post with "It wont die like 360" when no one else have done that? ofcourse your a fanboy.

gerrard4866d ago

So it's ok for Xbots (who claim their not fanboys)to bash Ps3 at will at anytime, but when someone like cheatmaster mentions x360's failure in which he has a valid point you call him a fanboy?

You Xbots make me laugh.

Ares844866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Xbox fans bashing PS3 = ok
Ps3 fans bashing Xbox 360 =/= ok
PS3 fans stateing facts about the Xbox 360 =/= ok

Being an Xbox fanboy = ok
Being a Ps3 fanboy =/= ok

It's time to learn the rules!

power of Green 4866d ago

As if your words of wisdom mean anything like a Sony supporter would actually Approve this(havn't or couldn't get it rejected, too solid). lol

You more than likely tell "your truth" not ours and by the way it looks you must come across as an rabid fanatic I mean look at your foolish post.

xhi44866d ago

I'm not sure if you can talk really bro, I mean whenever I read your comments they are usually attacking a sony 'fanboy' or telling something that's skewed to become xbox 360 positive but you add a few key words to make it seem unbiased.

Just don't worry about it and post something positive and constructive when you're commenting, it's just a little better for everyone man.


happyjimmy4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

No im not a fanboy. I dont make posts that bash things. There is a difference between the truth and bashing just so you know. You have yet to post anything true here so i think your the one who is the fanboy for taking my post a little too seriously.

Btw if this news post is useless why did you approve it? The mystery grows deeper....

vaan4866d ago

You are the WORST on this site for FUD and negative bullsh1t.
Power Of Peen, THeMArt, Bloodstool, jasonxg1 or whatever that tools' name is... these are some of the worst lying, sad, fan boys on here.

TheMART4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )


Is that why you two have both 3 bubbles? It is funny you just mentioned 360 owners and not some of those sad PS3 screaming fangirls. Uh were you probably are one off with THREE bubbles

@ the fangirl below

Hush yourself baby, stop crying. I have never ever had more then one account, I only extended my name. You'll never be able to accuse me from that, but I know you fandroids search a reason to make your 'statement'.

I think you're more on your way to a one bubble dragqueen. Enjoy it.


@ Cheatmaster27

Notice how all the 360 fanboys have approved this thinking it makes ps3 look bad? hmmm...."

Uhm, so you rather didn't want to have this story approved and let everybody believe there would be a 65nm chip inside the new 40 PS3? So more people could be lied into a cheap BluRayplayer?

Doesn't matter who approves it. The 65nm newsstory also got approved, which has been debunked now. So if it makes the PS3 look bad or not, the 65nm 'news' made it look better than it is. SO this is just being real and knowing the truth. I know I will wait untill the white PS3 will be sold in Europe with a rumble controller, home at last implemented and more good games to play then R&C kiddy stuff and Warhawk AND the 65nm chipset

vaan4866d ago

We are not making multiple accounts to stat pad our bubbles @sswipe.
If you were not pulling that sad bs, you know you would be a one bubble lady.

rofldings4866d ago

Try and spin this anyway you want xbots, but you can't deny the fact that the PS3 has a failure rate of 0.2% with 90nm chips.

Like it matters.

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