Six reasons Dark Souls isn't the hardest game on Xbox 360

OXM UK: "From Software claims to be the toughest act on the console, but is Dark Souls a match for the following titles?"

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FEARprototype2662d ago

limbo is hard? highly unlikely. dead rising? maybe, its very easy of you got the right weapons. ninja Gaiden 2? did anyone clam its easy?. Super Meat Boy? hard but its just a platformer. Ikaruga? try dodging bullet with a plane from every side and tell me if its easy. guitar hero 3? maybe, but its a music game....couldent he compare at least similar games?

shayol33t2662d ago

Terrible article, FROM un-exclusives it from PS3 only, and this is what happens?

Yes linking those two together doesn't make much sense, but neither does this.

xPhearR3dx2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

The article states "On Xbox 360", not "The Hardest RPG game on Xbox 360". That's probably the reason why the writer didn't compare similar games.

Kos-Mos2662d ago

It`s a difference between balanced hard and unbalanced hard horrible gaming journalist.

P_Bomb2662d ago

OXM UK will be eating their words through a straw when From Software brings the pain later this year, heh.