Mass Effect 3: BioWare on art, sound and sharing with DICE

Sound designer and environment artists reveal their secrets

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dirigiblebill2716d ago

Looking pretty hot, as ever.

KING_KAI2716d ago

take your time, take your time, take your sexy time

InfiniteJustice2716d ago

Using the same sound tech as the BF series is always a good start, this should sound amazing

Inside_out2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

My guess is EA " told " Bioware to help Dice with the story telling since they don't know how. Dice would have very little to offer Bioware in regards to video game making as Bioware is a giant in the industry in this regard, tho, if they are planning on having a multi-player component, then Dice has more experience then them.

In regards to graphics, Mass Effect uses Unreal 3 and actually Dice has a lot of experience with Unreal 3 as they used the advance middle-ware for their very innovative and genre changing Mirrors Edge. Maybe they are giving them tips on the custom lighting solution they used with Unreal on that game.

Strange how Dice came out with their own custom Frostbite 2 engine after making Mirrors Edge...wonder where they got the capcom and Lost planet and Ubisoft and Graw. Unreal taught them all and now it's their own custom engine...o_O

greyhaven332716d ago

Great set of articles...if your a fan of mass effect you should read both parts...can't wait for this game!!!