Battlefield 3 won't "innovate for the sake of innovation" - DICE

OXM UK: "Battlefield 3 will "deepen" the Battlefield experience with new persistence mechanisms, "widen the appeal" to draw in new players but never, ever mess with what fans of the series love, according to DICE's executive producer Patrick Bach."

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RememberThe3572660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Good. They need to do what they feel comfortable with. I want a great came from them more that I want something completely different. It's good that they know not to f*ck with the foundation of what makes Battlefield great.

evrfighter2660d ago

weapon unlocks, ranks, perks, game footage saves, stats


Battlefield did indeed do it before CoD. So it's good they want to do what they already did and make it better.

Septic2660d ago

There's only so much you can do to innovate, especially in a military fps. Keeping the formula fresh and upping the ante in terms of visuals and scale of action is in itself a commendable task.

Battlefield 3 will feature unprecedented amounts of destruction and vehicular combat all whilst appealing to its core fanbase. That in itself, is a fresh new experience (or on consoles at the very least).

I can't wait for the finished product! It feels like an eternity!!

femshep2660d ago

i just want it to be battlefield......i know you have a seperate team on the single player, but get rid of it the stories in the bad companies were stupid and battlefield before those never had get rid of it and continue your reign of online multiplayer

MidnytRain2660d ago

They said that BF3 single-player won't be like BC single-player.

MWong2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I actually liked the BC stories, because they were a departure from the serious CoD storylines. I am glad to see the BF3 has a more serious storyline though.

I can't wait to see MP footage ... that's what I really want to see. Stop all these articles, I'm glad DICE is keeping the "core" fans in the loop. I am glad they have new sounds and stuff like that. But honestly I just want to see some MP gameplay footage.

MidnytRain2660d ago

Me, too. Haggard and Sweetwater were a nice contrast to the dark undertones in most shooters. It wasn't supposed to be serious at all. It has its own unique style. Not overly goofy, but not gritty either. I think the best phrases to describe it would be "flying by the seat of your pants", "unorthodox", and "nonchalant".

Also, they showed multiplayer footage at E3.

Hufandpuf2660d ago

Great, so now we know that DICE is keeping what us Battlefield fans love.

Quagmire2660d ago

Funny. If Infinity Ward made that claim about MW3, people will be trolling about it.

nickjkl2660d ago

who disagreed he is right

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