Fight Night Round 3: The PS3 Interview

Michael Blank: For those who already purchased the 360 version, Get in the Ring and ESPN Integration are two great reasons to go out and pick up Round 3 for the PS3. We have big plans for the next version of the career mode and are already thinking about how to address these issues and do so much more.

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Marty83705868d ago

PS3 ganes are looking miles better than X360 games.Having more developement time is paying off and it shows.PS3/Bluray are the future.

kingboy5867d ago

[For the PS3, we've been able to add some really cool detail to the boxers. When you see a boxer in action, their veins, tendons and muscles are very visible.]
ps3 is at it again with the veins just like virtual tennis

General5867d ago

Haha PS3 Fan, Heard that "Bad taste" Guy, Jealous Xbot, Lmao! Now THIS Looks AWESOME! Any Xbox Fan cant say this sucks. This looks real as hell.

kewlkat0075867d ago

Fanboys excited about another usual..Who cares the game is coming out almost a year later..yeah they added new features. Woo-hoo, lets have a party.

shoota335867d ago

prime example of a jealous MS fanboy.

General5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

Hahaha! Yeah I bloody agree PS3 Fan, There you have another Jealous MS Fanboy, This is gonna flamin rock! Cant wait to see this in motion.
OH YEAH! And its NOT a port, The first FNR3 vid was showing on a PS3 Tech demo, So there you go! OWNED!

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The story is too old to be commented.