Analyst: EA to Lose Market Share as Game Quality Remains 'Questionable'

EA just lost $195 million in its second quarter. It has been losing market share in the video game industry. Its recent titles have not been selling quickly. Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel forecasts that EA will continue to lose market share due to concern over its game quality, which remains "questionable". Patel has downgraded EA stocks to "Sell".

GameDaily reports the details and numbers of Patel's analysis.

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freakyzeeky4862d ago

Well EA's games was never really been known to make the best 'quality' games, hopefully EA takes heed of this news and increases the quality of their games in the near future.

ruibing4862d ago

Nope, their answer is a single, open platform for consoles. No more cross platforms or porting, basically they want a PC gaming console.

ATLRoAcH4862d ago

is vital in the video games industry.Evolve or become extinct.

gtgcoolkid4862d ago

I swear EA pumps out the same games year in and out. I am glad the people are finally catching on.

gamesR4fun4862d ago

crap sales can i have the ceo's job now?

b777conehead4862d ago

i didn't by madden for the ps3 this year

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The story is too old to be commented.