SCEA Launches New PSP Campaign Starring Michael Strahan

(SCEA) today announced details about their new PSP TV campaign. An extension of the "dude, get your own" spots, this new campaign will feature New York Giant Michael Strahan highlighting the new PSP slim. These ads will also feature the immediately noticeable "Annoying Guy" of the previous PSP campaign.

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ATLRoAcH4865d ago

He gives that "Cluster Bombs" dude a beat down.And hes playing Madden of course.

IdontTakeSides4865d ago

I haven't seen it...but it's good that sony is maketing there products better

C_SoL4865d ago

i can agree with you there brother...

freakyzeeky4865d ago

I kinda like that annoying guy... He's funny. :P

b777conehead4865d ago

its time Sony starts advertising there systems psp and ps3

Premonition4865d ago

I saw this one a couple times, made me laugh lol, its great sony puts a little comedy it feels good.

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